Things to do in Israel in December 2021

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While the days may draw shorter, there is still a great selection of things to do in Israel in December. With cultural events continuing throughout the month, and festivities for Jews for Hanukkah, and Christians for Christmas, as well as New Year’s Eve in Israel which is becoming bigger every year. December 2021 in Israel offers a great selection of events and festivals for all tastes, ranging from major cultural festivals to folk music festivals, and comedy tours, to concerts.

Important Note

Due to the global pandemic of Covid-19 and the uncertainty that it has ushered in, many events are canceled or postponed. Please check directly with the coordinators if you’re planning on attending any events.

Sufganiyot, a traditional food for Hanukkah which will be seen across Israel during December, by Avital Pinnick on Flickr

December Events 2021

November 27-December 3 – Jewish Film Festival, Jerusalem

December 11 – Christmas Market, Nazareth

December 2-18Holiday of Holidays, Haifa

December 16-18 – Winter Christmas Festival, Western Galilee

December 24 – Christmas Eve Tour. Go back to where it all began with a one-day or two-day Christmas Eve tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Why should you join? Here are 5 reasons to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem.

December 25 – Christmas in Israel. Christmas in the Holy Land is a magical experience for any Christian.

December 31New Year’s Eve, also known as Sylvester, is becoming increasingly popular every year, with parties taking place across the country, especially in Tel Aviv.

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