Things to do in Israel in November 2021

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November in Israel marks the start of the cooler season, but by no means the end of the cultural season, with November featuring an amazing array of events and things to do. November 2021 will feature cultural festivals, art events, sporting events, and more. From the northern hills of the Galilee to the southern sands of the Negev, Israel will be alive this November. See the highlights below.

Important Note

Due to the global pandemic of Covid-19 and the uncertainty that it has ushered in, many events can be canceled or postponed. Please check directly with the coordinators if you’re planning on attending any events.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Events in November 2021 in Israel

November 1 – Israeli Photography Convention, Tel Aviv

November 10, 2021 –  Tel Aviv Night Run, Tel Aviv

November 11-13, 2021 – Red Sea Jazz Festival, Eilat

November 11-December 30, 2021 – Jerusalem Biennale, Jerusalem

November 11-20, 2021 – TLVFest: The Tel Aviv International LGBTQ Film Festival, Tel Aviv

November 17-27 – International Photography Festival, Tel Aviv

November 18-20, 2021 – Annual Jerusalem Open House Festival at various locations all over Jerusalem

November 18-27, 2021 – Jerusalem Oud Festival, Jerusalem

November 27 – December 3 – Jewish Film Festival., Jerusalem

November 28 – December 6 – Hanukkah

November 29 – Black Eyed Peas, Jerusalem

*More events coming soon

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