Travel Insurance for Israel

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Travel Insurance for Israel

Travel insurance for a visit to Israel is a must-have to ensure a worry-free and safe trip. Whilst travel insurance for visiting Israel was previously optional, it was made a requirement for travelers entering Israel as part of Israel’s re-opening to tourists post covid.

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Why do I need a travel insurance policy for Israel?

Hopefully you will never need to use your travel insurance policy, and in most cases, travelers do not need to use it. However, it’s always better to be safe, and travel insurance is there to cover common scenarios such as lost baggage, delayed or canceled flights, or needing to see a doctor. It is also there to protect against more extreme scenarios. But more importantly, since Israel re-opened since covid-19, travel insurance became a requirement for all visitors to the country.

How to choose a travel insurance policy?

There are many differences between travel insurance policies such as the value of the coverage, medical coverage, what happens in case of cancelations or delays on your flight to Israel. what if you decide to cancel yourself, and of course, the deductibles and process in case of making a claim.

We recommend using a service to compare travel insurance policies such as InsureMyTrip which compares major providers and the ins and outs of each policy option.

How to find a doctor in Israel?

In case you need to find a doctor when traveling in Israel, we have created a handy guide. Depending on the travel insurance you have taken out for your trip to Israel, you will need to collect the doctors report as well as the receipt in order to reclaim the money from the insurance company.

I’m taking a tour or package in Israel? Do I still need insurance?

Yes! Our Israel tours and package tours are fully insured by the tour operator, however, this does not cover personal issues such as medical issues, flight related delays or cancelations, so for this reason you must have your own travel insurance.

How much does travel insurance cost?

The cost of travel insurance policies varies dramatically depending on your age, health issues, where you’re traveling from, and the company offering the policy. It also of course, varies depending on trip duration, and the policy itself – the value of the coverage and details. Compare different insurance policies in order to find the one most suitable for you here at InsureMyTrip.

I’m not only visiting Israel, what does that mean for the insurance?

If, like many visitors to Israel, you’re combining your trip with other neighboring countries such as Jordan and Egypt, it’s crucial that your travel insurance also covers these locations so that, in case you encounter any problem whilst there, you will be fully covered.