How to See a Doctor in Israel

Getting sick or injured in a foreign country is not a pleasant experience, yet as in any country, tourists in Israel may find themselves in need of a doctor. Luckily, in Israel, there are state-of-the-art medical facilities and excellent medical care. While healthcare is universal for Israeli citizens, as a traveler, you will have to seek private medical care and pay to see a doctor in Israel. Before leaving for your trip, make sure you buy travel insurance (we recommend InsureMyTrip) and check your country’s recommendations for vaccines. Even if you are visiting on a tour, travel insurance is not included and it is always recommended to arrange it in advance in case of any emergency or medical situation that may arise.

how to see a doctor in israel

Important coronavirus information

Up to date information on the situation regarding covid-19 in Israel can be found here. And specific information on how, when, and where to get a covid test, can be found here. Meanwhile, covid tests in Israel can either be booked at a Tel Aviv test center, or a door to door test across the country.

How to find a doctor in Israel?

Although there are clinics throughout the country, there are many more options – and English-speaking doctors who have experience treating international patients – in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

Where to See A doctor in Israel

Bikur Rofeh

Bikur Rofeh is Israel’s leading clinic in private emergency medical services. There are clinics all over the country and they operate 24/7. The clinic accepts all types of travel insurance.

Yigal Alon St 90, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Beit Hadfus St 22, Jerusalem


Terem has emergency health clinics all over Israel. They provide emergency medical services to tourists visiting Israel. They are open 24/7. The cost for private patients is 480 NIS

Levinski St 108, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Gdud Ha’Ivri St 4, Jerusalem

Tel Aviv Doctor

Tel Aviv Doctor is a private medical clinic that provides services to travelers in Israel. They offer private lab tests with fast results, urgent appointments, and English speaking doctors. They also offer doctor’s home visits anywhere in Tel Aviv and the surrounding area, including at hotels.

Basel St 46, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

The Family Medical Center – Wolfson

The Family Medical Center – Wolfson offers extensive services for tourists coming from abroad. They offer a variety of medical services as well as lab tests with same day results, X-rays, and a pharmacy.

Diskin St., Merkaz Shalom Mayer, 3rd Fl. – Jerusalem

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