2024 Surge in Israel Travel Amidst War

Here at Tourist Israel we’ve started to see more typical new bookings trickling in since early December, mostly for the upcoming spring season (April 2024 onwards). We have also seen a lot of interest from customers who had planned to travel in October and November, in rescheduling their trips for 2024. These days we operate a small number of day trips, such as our Tel Aviv Market Tour which started with significantly reduced numbers, however, we see that these numbers are growing every day. Specifically there’s been a huge surge of demand for our multi-day tour packages for the spring and summer. Customers who are booking now are benefitting from prices which are 30-40% lower than 2023, mostly due to lower hotel prices, making it a very attractive time to book.

We see and further anticipate that as the war becomes less intense (as we are hearing that is happening during these very days), and more airlines return to Israel, we will see more and more tourists arriving and booking ahead. January 2024 saw a 380% increase of the booking volume of December 2023. With some of the low-cost airlines having resumed flights as of February, we are seeing guests book flights from Europe for $100 or less and benefitting from prices we cannot remember on their entire trip.

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