How to Get From Amman to Jerusalem

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There are several ways to move between these cities. These two capital cities are merely 100 km away. But they’re separated by an international border makes the journey between them less simple than might be expected. The most common ways to travel between Amman and Jerusalem include a shuttle, public transport, private taxi or transfer, or flight and transfer. The journey time varies according to which option was selected, from two hours in best case, to up to six hours in the worst. There are also tours that run for one day or two days.


Available with guaranteed departures every week, a two day tour from Amman to Jerusalem is perfect for visitors who are looking for a brief introduction to Jerusalem, returning to Amman at the end of the second day. The tour includes pickup from Amman, assistance in crossing the border to Israel, transportation for the entire two days, and a guided tour of Jerusalem, overnight accommodation, and an optional tour of Bethlehem.

Shuttles from Amman to Jerusalem

Getting from Amman to Jerusalem is a common traveler questionA regular shuttle service operates from Amman to Jerusalem, leaving every morning at 06:30 from Amman, with pickup from hotels, transfer to the Allenby Border Crossing, and a continuation transfer to Jerusalem. Arrival in Jerusalem is at around 12:00. The shuttle costs $60 per person, excluding border fees. The shuttle in the other direction departs from Jerusalem’s city center at 18:00 arriving to Amman by around 22:00. This service is our recommended option for a good value way to travel in one-direction from Amman to Jerusalem. Journey time is around 5 hours for this option (Shuttle from Amman to Jerusalem coming soon).


Taxis from Amman to the Jordanian side of the border cost 25 JOD (around $36), however prepare to negotiate with the driver. The journey takes around 1 hour. On the Israeli side of the border, the taxis to Jerusalem will cost between 200-250 NIS ($60-$70 aprox). There are also ‘service’ or shared taxis from the city to the border, and the border to Jerusalem. These are cheaper but you must wait for them to fill up.

Private Transfers from Amman to Jerusalem

Private vehicles can be pre-booked for transfer between these cities. The vehicle will be changed at the border, from a Jordanian vehicle to an Israeli vehicle, and vehicles of all size are available, from sedans, vans, to minibuses, and big buses. Prices vary according to specific address and required vehicle, but check here for private transfers from Amman to Jerusalem. Journey time depends on border load, however, on a clear ride, could take 2.5 to 3 hours.


While Jerusalem has no airport, Israel’s main airport, Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport is located around 45 minutes from Jerusalem. Royal Jordanian Airlines have 2 daily flights from Amman to Tel Aviv, one leaving in early morning, and the other in early evening. The flight time is around 45 minutes, however, you would need to leave Amman 3.5-4 hours before the flight in order to be early enough to clear security, and with customs on the Israeli side often taking 45 minutes to clear, followed by a 45 minute journey to Jerusalem, total journey time for this option stands at around 6-7 hours. The flight fare varies however is commonly $200 or more for a one way flight.

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