How to cross the border from Israel to Jordan via Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing

The Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Border Crossing between Israel and Jordan is situated just outside of the Israeli city of Beit She’an and given its northern proximity this border serves as the ideal passage from Israel to Petra. It also gets its name from its location crossing the Jordan River. However, it is worth noting that unless you have pre-arranged specific travel plans this is the not the most recommended border choice. It is actually the least convenient choice to cross the border from Israel to Jordan and can take a long amount of time as well as the most expensive option for crossing between Israel and Jordan.

How to get to Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing

The options are quite limited in terms of public transportation to Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Border Crossing. To travel from Jerusalem to Beit She’an take the Egged bus 961. You can also take the train from most major cities to Beit She’an. From Beit She’an it is recommended to take a taxi directly to the border terminal. You can also travel by car from Beit She’an and park outside the terminal.

Parking is available in a pay lot which is operated by Kibbutz Maoz Haim. The cost is 36 NIS per day to park next to the terminal.

Alternatives to crossing from Israel to Jordan at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing

Rather than spend time (sometimes several hours) crossing from Israel to Jordan through this border crossing, it can be much easier to cross the border in an organized tour. Check out our Jordan tours starting from Eilat which cross through the Araba Border instead. This can be more efficient and easier for travelers who do not need to worry about pre-arranging anything when joining an organized tour, for example, this tour from Jerusalem to Petra.

The Treasury is a must-see on a tour of Petra.

Times to Cross from Israel to Jordan at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing

The border crossing is open 7 days a week and will only close on Yom Kippur and the first day of the Muslim New Year (Id El Hijara). The hours of operation for the Jordan River Crossing are Sunday – Thursday 08:30-15:30, Friday and Saturday closed. Please note border crossing time may change due to covid regulation.

Crossing Procedure – on your own

After completing the Israeli customs and paying all necessary fees, you will need to take a mandatory shuttle to the Jordanian side. Crossing by foot is not an option at this border. The shuttle costs 5 NIS (approx $2USD) so make sure to have this prepared in advance.

Crossing Procedure – on a tour

– If you’re going with us on a tour that crosses through this border (any 3+ day tour to Jordan), there is a very specific procedure for crossing the border:
– Our representative will collect the border fee upon pickup.
– Arrive at the Sheikh Hussein border.
– On the Israeli side, you will go through security/immigration.
Cross over the border:
Groups of 20+ people: your bus will take you across with your luggage.
Small groups: a shuttle bus will take you across – be sure to bring your luggage with you. Bus fee is approx $2USD / 5 NIS in cash.
– Get off the bus and a Jordanian rep will greet you. If you don’t see the rep, please wait where you disembarked the bus and the rep will approach you. The Israeli office is aware of your arrival and will have updated the Jordanian rep when you arrived at the border.
– The rep will take your passports and process the visas with the border authorities while you wait (this may be the longest part of the process).
– You will get your passport with the visa and go with your luggage to security for scanning.
– Meet your Jordanian driver-guide and head out on your bus.

Passport/Visa Requirements to cross from Israel to Jordan

Ensure that you have six months of passport validity in order to enter Jordan from Israel, as well as a blank page which is required for the entry stamp.

fees to cross the border from Israel to Jordan

Fees are updated each year on January 1st. Currently, fees for departing passengers crossing at the Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing are 101 NIS per person.


Both USD and JOD are accepted at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing. There is no bank machine so it is vital to prepare all fees in advance for crossing.

Bathrooms and Food Services at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing

There is no food at the border crossing so it is advised to bring snacks and food along for the travels, especially given the long amount of time it can take when using this border.

Getting around in Jordan once you’ve crossed from Israel

If you want to get to Amman, there are a few options. You can take a taxi to the city of Irbid, this usually should cost about 20 JOD. Once in Irbid, you can then take the bus to Amman.

Another option is to take a taxi directly from the border terminal to Amman. Keep in mind that this option can be quite expensive, and given the limited options it can be difficult to negotiate with the taxi driver, so be prepared to barter with the driver. From the border terminal to the west Amman should cost approximately 36 JOD.

Learn more about other options of how to get from Israel to Jordan or join one of our organized tours from Jerusalem to Jordan.

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