Best Area to Stay in Tel Aviv

Our guide to the best areas to stay in Tel Aviv will provide you with the ins and outs of Tel Aviv’s different neighborhoods. From the coastal strip (the tayelet) to the southern district of Jaffa and everything in between. When deciding where to stay in Tel Aviv, keep in mind that its a relatively small city. As a result, 90% of hotels can be reached in 10-15 minutes by taxi, or 30 minutes by bicycle. With that in mind, rest assured that wherever you choose to stay in Tel Aviv, you won’t be too far from the highlights. For an in-depth understanding of the city’s layout, join an urban walking tour and you’ll be navigating like a local in no time!

Best Area For Beach Lovers – The Tayelet

Best areas to stay in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s beach strip (tayelet) is home to most of the city’s larger hotels. Tel Aviv’s biggest hotel, the David Intercontinental, only contains 555 rooms – which is quite small by international standards. The strip spans a few kilometres along Tel Aviv’s beachfront, and includes luxury 4 and 5-star international hotel chains. You can choose from recognizable names like Hilton, Intercontinental, Carlton, Sheraton, and Renaissance. In addition, there are 4 and 5-star Israeli chain hotels – like Isrotel Royal Beach, Dan, Dan Panorama, and Herods.

Aside from the big hotels, the area has a number of 3-star hotels – including Gilgal, and Leonardo Beach. Also, there are many suite hotels, and a couple of boutique hotels, such as the Brown Beach House. This beach area is ideal for those who plan to soak up the sun. Since the Tayelet is centered around tourists, there are very few locals that reside here. As a result, when it comes to places to eat, its best to venture elsewhere!

Promenade Hotels to Check:

Best Area For Strolling the Boulevard – White City

Best area to stay in Tel Aviv

1-2 kilometres inland you’ll find the White City area, positioned around Rothschild Boulevard and Allenby Street. The area has become Tel Aviv’s cultural, culinary, and nightlife hub in recent years. As a result, fashionable boutique hotels have popped up in renovated historic buildings. To explore the impressive Bauhaus architecture that has made the White City famous, join a Tel Aviv and Jaffa walking tour.

This city boasts world-class hotels, like The Brown TLV and Poli House – the city’s only two members of Design Hotels – with a commitment to art and design. The Norman and Hotel Montefiore are ultra-luxury and exclusive boutique hotels with worldwide acclaim. In addition, the area has several larger hotels, such as the stunning Rothschild 22 hotel.

The heart of the city is the best area to stay in Tel Aviv for strolling the boulevard and people-watching from your balcony. You can enjoy cafes, restaurants, and nightlife spots just outside your door. Also, its an ideal area if you prefer to stay in boutique or design hotels. These hotels generally don’t have swimming pools, in-house restaurants, or gyms. However, they tend to receive better feedback for their personable service and contemporary facilities than the city’s larger hotels. 

White City Hotels to Check:

Best Area For History & Culture – Jaffa

Best area to stay in Tel Aviv

Jaffa is the oldest part of Tel Aviv and just a short distance to the center and main attractions. By foot, it’s a 20-50 minute walk to most parts of the city. Jaffa’s vibe is far more cultural than central Tel Aviv. Its flea market is a melting pot of sounds, scents, and sights. And with the abundance of restaurants, galleries, cafes, and bars in Jaffa – you won’t even want to leave! In recent years, Jaffa has become home to a growing number of boutique and luxury hotels. These include the Market House Hotel, Margosa Hotel, The Jaffa, and the Setai Tel Aviv

Hotels to Check: Market House Hotel, Margosa Hotel, The Jaffa, Setai Tel Aviv.

Best Area For Families – Namal

Best Tel Aviv neighborghoods

The Tel Aviv Port (Namal) is the northern-area of central Tel Aviv’s beach strip. The Namal connects the beaches of the south and north, bursting with restaurants, cafes, beach bars, and outdoor markets. The area around the Tel Aviv Port houses a number of smaller hotels, including Port & Blue, the Alexander, Port Hotel, and Tal Hotel, not far from the heart of the city, but feels like a world away. On the weekends, the area is buzzing with locals, who flock there for family meals and afternoon strolls. There are an abundance of dining options, and the nearby Park Hayarkon is perfect for picnics and soaking up the sun.

Best Area For Artists – Florentin

Where to stay in Tel Aviv

Florentin is an artistic neighborhood with bold cafes and uniquely themed bars. The reinvention of this previously industrialized area in South Tel Aviv began in the 1990’s. An influx of creatives moved into the area’s derelict buildings and revitalize them. Since then, this creativity has been displayed across Florentin – through its cafes, restaurants, bars, and street décor. Today it’s a hipster paradise. But don’t let that term put you off by any means, as it’s by far one of the most intriguing neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.

In Florentin, you’ll find both traditional and international food, street art, and affordable accommodation options. Visit the Levinsky Market, which is brimming with affordable foodie treats. Go on a walking tour of Florentin’s street art and stop in eccentric cafes and cocktail bars along the way. Florentin45 is a contemporary art gallery that celebrates artists in the community, setting the scene for the future of the Israeli art industry.

Florentin is far quieter than the more popular neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. In addition, it’s particularly suited for backpackers seeking affordable accommodation. This part of the city offers many hostels where fellow travelers gather and share stories of their adventures. Florentine House is one of the most interesting hotels to stay in the area. It advocates fair employment and eco-friendly practices.

Best Area For Foodies – The Yemenite Quarter

Best areas to stay in Tel Aviv

Buzzing with sounds and aromatic scents of the nearby markets, the Yemenite Quarter is where foodies can sample authentic flavors. This area connects the famous Carmel Market to the beach. For this reason, it’s the best area for those seeking traditional Israeli flavors alongside beachside fun. This area is full of intertwining back streets, perfect for getting lost and soaking up local culture. The Yemenite Quarter dates back to the late 19th century, when it was founded by Yemenite Jews. Unlike its gentrified neighbors, this area has managed to hold onto its laid-back charm. Run-down shops and buildings only add to its authenticity and charm. Considering how central the district is, it’s still a very affordable area to stay in. Alongside stylish boutique hotels, there are also hostels and plenty of Airbnb apartments.

Best Area For Serenity – Neve Tzedek

Luxury Tel Aviv

Neve Tzedek is a quiet residential area in Tel Aviv that is just a walk or bicycle ride away from the center. The skyscrapers in the distance loom over apartment blocks, enhancing the feeling of a tranquil suburb. This area was built in 1889 and was the very first Jewish neighborhood outside of Jaffa. Recently, it has undergone renovations, but that has not detracted from its historic charm. Much of Neve Tzedek’s oriental architecture has been exquisitely restored, and the atmosphere has quaint Parisian vibes.

Wander along narrow winding streets and boutique shops selling traditional crafts and designer clothing. There are local art galleries and a dance center with beautiful gardens that will transport you back to old Tel Aviv. Neve Tzedek boasts a number of idyllic boutique hotels set in historic buildings. Another option is to stay in an apartment, such as Neve Tzedek Original Style Apartments. This way you can fully immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings of this upscale neighborhood.

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