Layover in Tel Aviv – What to Do

A layover in Tel Aviv can prove to be an exciting opportunity to see the delightful White City. Though stopovers aren’t always ideal, a layover in Tel Aviv still offers a chance to briefly visit one of the most vibrant hubs in the Middle East. Based on how much time you have, let’s take a look at some great ideas of what to do on a stopover in cultural Tel Aviv to make the time fly by.

4 Hours or Less in Tel Aviv

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If your layover in Tel Aviv is 4 hours or less, the best option is to stay at the airport. It wouldn’t be worth repeating security checks and stressing over a connecting flight when in a foreign country. This may be the perfect time to explore Ben Gurion Airport – rated as one of the top 10 international airports multiple years in a row. Enjoy some Middle Eastern food at one of the airport’s eateries or rejuvenate with a cup of coffee at a cafe while waiting for your next flight.

4-8 Hours in Tel Aviv

Ben Gurion Airport Transfers, Transport, and Taxis

This is most likely what your layover is going to look like since layovers in Tel Aviv usually don’t last more than 8 hours. This is the perfect opportunity to use an airport transfer or VIP transfer as your best bet into the city or opt for the Tel Aviv Metro for a quick jaunt into town.

Once you’re in Tel Aviv, you can stop for coffee, have a meal at one of many gourmet Tel Aviv restaurants, or even explore a Tel Aviv beach. Navigating throughout the city can be done by taking the Light Rail, buses, cabs, and even a scooter. It’s best to read up on all these modes of transport if you’re traveling solo.

If you’re worried about time or want a more structured experience, a tour is always a great option to make the most of your time. This vegan food tour only lasts three hours and this food tasting tour of the Carmel Market is a great way to satiate your appetite with authentic cuisine. A wonderful way to get in some exercise after a long flight is with this Tel Aviv street art tour, totaling only two hours and allowing you to wander the cultural city.

8-12 Hours in Tel Aviv

A layover that’s 8-12 hours long allows you to incorporate a few more experiences into your timeframe. Research some day tours in the area, which will usually take around 7-8 hours. The Best of Tel Aviv and Jaffa Walking Tour, for example, takes you around Tel Aviv and the port city of Jaffa in just 7 hours.

With this amount of time, you could explore multiple Tel Aviv bars through a crawl and spend time getting to know locals. You could try to visit all of the most Instagrammable places in Tel Aviv. Or you could research where Tel Aviv is in relation to other popular locations and discover what to do in Israel beyond this city. Just don’t venture out too far!

12-24 Hours in Tel Aviv


With a full-day layover in Tel Aviv, you will definitely need a place to stay. A comfortable night at one of these beautiful Tel Aviv hotels is the best way to go. Most of these accommodations also have amenities to help you pass the time, like lounges, restaurants, and pools.

Browse our best hotels in Tel Aviv lists, from luxury stays and budget-friendly choices to amazing beach options. These selections have been chosen by our team of experts to help cut down on your search time.

Still not sure what to do with all your time? Take a look at this article on 24 Hours in Tel Aviv. It gives ideas for activities to do at every time of day, no matter when your layover starts or ends.

Explore More During Your Layover in Tel Aviv

Taking the boredom out of your Tel Aviv layover is super easy if you join one of our tours. Our airport transfers and VIP transfers help get you out and about in Tel Aviv quickly and safely. Plus, our Tel Aviv tours are sure to fit your time, budget, and desires to make your layover just as exciting as the rest of your trip.

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