Old Jaffa Port, Namal Yafo

Old Jaffa Port is a vital part of the beautiful Jaffa, sitting on the southwestern end of Tel Aviv. Jaffa’s port is known as one of the oldest ports in the world, notably believed to be the same location as the Biblical story of Jonah and the Whale. The long and fascinating history attached to this site continues with   strategic port in the Eastern Mediterranean continued until only recently when new ports were built south of Tel Aviv in Ashdod and north in Haifa, to cater for modern-day shipping methods. Today the port is used largely by local fishermen who continue the centuries old tradition of the area.

jaffa port

Exploring Old Jaffa Port

Smaller than the ports of Haifa and Akko, Jaffa’s port has still remained an iconic landmark and cultural attraction drawing tourists from all over the globe. The area is still a functioning port for fishermen and salesmen. The more modern hub provides exhibitions of art and photography, and the nearby cultural centers offer visitors great insight into this fascinating location.

To best engage with the vibrant neighborhood, take this Jaffa Walking Tour to explore all the gems it has to offer. As compelling as Jaffa is by day, it’s even more majestic at night; consider this sunset Jaffa walking tour to fully immerse yourself in the evening ambience. If you’re spending the weekend here, join the thrilling Jaffa & Tel Aviv Saturday Tour. You can also browse our Tel Aviv Bucket List to plan a jam-packed itiinerary on your own.

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There are several famous restaurants in the area as well as art galleries and quaint shops. Some mainstream chain eateries call Jaffa Port home, but have a look at some authentic places to visit on your next trip:

Fried Calamari at Misedet Hadayagim (The Fishermen’s Restaurant). Located on a prime location, at the very end of the Jaffa port where the regular order is a huge pile of fried Calamari and a pint of beer. Fresh calamari, full of frying oil that tastes like heaven.

Abu Hassan Humus. ‘The best hummus’ is a major area of discussion in Israel, and people have an almost religious conviction that their favorite humus joint is the best in town. Abu Hassan in Hadolfin St. is one of the best known hummus restaurants in Tel Aviv. There are queues of people here every day from 8am until the pot runs out, usually around 2pm.

Dvir Gallery. Every few months, in Hangar no. 2 in the old Jaffa port, there is an interesting art exhibition at Dvir Gallery (a branch of Dvir Gallery from Tel Aviv). These days there is a simple and fascinating exhibition titled Lichtkeile by Miroslaw Balka. Twirled Perspex slabs hanging from the ceiling and making magic with the sun light. So simple yet so hypnotizing.

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