Tel Aviv on a Budget

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We all know that traveling is not cheap, and the city of Tel Aviv is certainly not one of the cheapest destinations to visit. Having said that, it is possible to visit Tel Aviv on a budget. Along with the expensive hotels and restaurants, Tel Aviv boasts a number of affordable accommodation options and plenty of cheaper places to eat. With bus passes and bike rental systems, there are plenty of ways to cut down spending in Tel Aviv. In order to stick to your budget in Tel Aviv, we have put together a useful list of ways to save money whilst traveling through this fascinating city.


For a fun and cheap way to get around the city, hop on a bike through the city’s Tel-o-Fun rental system. This fantastic transport system is comprised of 200 bike rental stations across the city that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you have to do is walk up to a rental station and purchase an access fee.

biking tel aviv

A daily access fee is 17 ILS (4.87USD), or, a three day access fee is 48ILS (13.75USD). Upon returning the bicycle you will then pay a usage fee depending on how long you have used the bike for. Any journeys less than 30 minutes are free of charge so you should be able to get from one attraction to another for no extra fee. Journeys between 30 and 60 minutes cost 6ILS (1.72 USD). This system enables visitors to explore Tel Aviv and coastal areas by bike whilst saving money on taxis and public transport to experience Tel Aviv on a budget.


Electric Scooters from apps like Bird, Lime, and Wind appear to be all over the city! The simple system allows users to rent scooters and pay by the minute to ride throughout the city. They’re ideal for short destinations, or for cruising around quickly to avoid traffic. The scooters are particularly fun to ride along the beach. The best part is, you don’t need to return them to a docking station, scooters can be left wherever your ride finishes. The app shows users on a map where the nearest scooter is. In order to use the scooters, the app must be downloaded in advance and you must upload a photo of your driver’s license.

Rav Kav (bus pass)

If riding a bike isn’t your thing, Tel Aviv also operates a bus pass known as the Rav Kav. The Rav Kav is a smart card which enables you to pre-load daily, weekly, and monthly bus passes – the good thing: buses in Tel Aviv are fairly affordable. To obtain this pass, visit a Rav Kav service point in the city or purchase one from a central bus station – just be sure to bring your passport for identification.

Street Food

A much more affordable way to eat in Tel Aviv is by sampling the local street food. For travelers on a budget, this dining option could save lots of money compared to most restaurants and cafes. A popular street food restaurant is Sabich Tchernichovsky where visitors can taste a delicious pita sandwich filled with egg, potato, tahini and eggplant all for approximately 5 USD. These pitas are ideal for a grab and go lunch in between a day of sightseeing in the city center.

tel aviv budget food

For authentic Tel Aviv falafel, head to Falafel Gabay on Dizengoff Street for budget food at its best. The falafel here is simple and fresh, and guests can also enjoy other local favorites such as hummus and shawarma.

Carmel Market

For even more street food head straight to Carmel Market. Carmel Market is one of the most popular markets in Tel Aviv selling everything from tasty treats to designer clothes. Along with some of the city’s best-loved restaurants and bars, Carmel Market specializes in locally crafted clothing, accessories, and homeware. Sample local cheeses, freshly squeezed juices, and traditional sweet treats before treating your loved ones back home to a handmade gift or two. The products here are far more affordable than Tel Aviv’s shops and restaurants. Many visitors join a market food tour to experience the market with a local guide.

Explore the city by foot

When visiting Tel Aviv on a budget, try to do as many free activities as possible. One easy, free activity is walking. Exploring Tel Aviv on foot is the best way to uncover the hidden gems of the city. See the interesting architecture of the UNESCO White City, or, walk along the seafront and visit the Tel Aviv Port for even more places to eat. For hiking enthusiasts, there are a few great hiking spots located just outside the city, so, get those walking boots on and start exploring – the best part is that it doesn’t cost a thing!

tel aviv budget

It may seem like an obvious one but those who are visiting Tel Aviv on a budget should definitely consider staying in a hostel. The hostels of Tel Aviv are far more affordable than hotels and could save you hundreds of dollars. The most exciting part about choosing a hostel over a hotel is that you will meet fellow travelers.

Hostels usually have plenty of communal areas for their guests to meet and share travel tips. One of the most popular hostels in the city is Florentine Backpackers Hostel which is located in a vibrant area with easy access to notable attractions. Guests can expect to pay around $22.50 per night in a shared dormitory. There are also private rooms and all guests receive a complimentary breakfast and WiFi. Other affordable hostels in the city are Hostel Overstay located in Jaffa, and Little Tel Aviv located in the city center.

tel aviv hostels

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