Best Falafel in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is famous for its food, from street eats to fine dining and of course, you can find some of Israel’s best falafel in Tel Aviv! There are many falafel stands found throughout the city, each is delicious in its own right, and everyone makes the crispy, fried balls differently so it is often worth trying a few to find your favorite one.

Delicious, deep-fried balls made from chickpeas, spices, and herbs, falafel is a quintessential street food found across Israel. Falafel happens to be vegan-friendly and is most commonly eaten in a fresh pita, although it may also be served in a laffa bread or on a platter with salads and hummus. No matter how it is eaten, falafel should always be eaten fresh and is custom ordered to your liking. Served with salads, pickles, onions, tahini, spicy sauce and amba (a tangy mango sauce), falafel is crispy, crunchy and never disappointed. If you are looking to find the best falafel in Tel Aviv, here are a few of the must-eat spots worth checking out.

Best Falafel in Tel Aviv


Easily one of the most popular spots in the city, and arguably the best falafel in Tel Aviv, the constant lineup outside HaKosem is enough proof that this is a spot not to be missed. HaKosem means “the magician”, and the falafel meals that are coming out of HaKosem live up to the name, they really are magical. The set up at HaKosem is simple, and they are experts at handling the long lines (you can often sample a fresh falafel ball while waiting). The balls are crisp, fresh and perfectly placed in the pita or laffa bread to your liking with various salads and sauces. You’ll probably need to come more than once, and may want to try some of the other menu items which are equally delicious, but the falafel is certainly worth the wait.
Shlomo HaMelekh St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Mifgash Osher

Quick and friendly service, fresh food and delicious flavors, Mifgash Osher (which means Happiness Joint) serves some of the best falafel in Tel Aviv. While space is small, the flavors are big, and although there are often lineups, they move quickly. The falafel balls are light, crispy and offer a unique taste, and can be enjoyed in a classic pita, or on the ever-popular “Osher Salad” which includes salad, falafel, and sabich (eggplant). Whatever you eat at Mifgash Osher, will leave you happy, just as the name suggests.
King George St 10א, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Falafel 4 Flavors – 4 Taamim

Fresh and flavorful, Falafel 4 flavors is best known for their variety of falafel balls. They offer four different styles of falafel balls including “classic”, “slightly spicy”, “red and green” and “sesame”. Each ball offers its own uniquely nuanced flavor and is perhaps best enjoyed when one of each type of falafel is included in the pita. Taste them all to find your favorite, and your pita will come to life with the combination of fresh salads and sauces. You will not be disappointed as this is definitely some of the best falafel in Tel Aviv.
Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St 93, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Falafel in Tel Aviv


Another hotspot among locals and tourists, don’t let the line up deter you from eating at HaRatzon. Quick and fresh, the falafel is simple and focused on flavor. Perhaps the most appealing part is the price, as HaRatzon is not only delicious but affordable. This is a cash-only operation and they only serve full portions (no half pitas). You can add your own pickles, salad, amba, and spicy sehug to your liking. Perfect for a quick bite, HaRatzon is some of the best falafel in Tel Aviv.
King George St 17, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Falafel Gabay

Known for the large portions and perfectly delicious falafel and sabich, Falafel Gabay found on Bograshov Street, close to the beach offers some of the best falafel in Tel Aviv. The food is served fast and fresh, along with a self-service salad and sauce bar to make your falafel just the way you like it. Eat-in or take it to go, this is a great spot for lunch to eat falafel in a pita, or indulge and get the platter, either way, you will not be disappointed.
Bograshov St 25, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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