Best Hummus in Israel

In the Middle East, hummus is almost a religion in itself, and the question of which restaurant has the best hummus in Israel is one that is hotly debated. Everyone has their favorite, which many stick to religiously, however, there is no doubt that the selection is abundant. Individual preferences, rather than a definitive superiority, guide which of the most famous hummus restaurants in Israel receive the coveted title. Here are our picks for the best hummus in Israel.

shlomo & doron, tel Aviv

This family-run hummusiya has been serving up the best in Tel Aviv since 1937. The menu evolves with every generation, with each son adding a dash of signature personality to the dishes on offer. Once a quiet venue where locals of Kerem Hateimanim congregated to discuss the state of affairs, these days the spot is buzzing with a cult-like following of drooling patrons waiting for a table. And trust us, its worth it – even celebrity chef Eyal Shani seems to agree. Make sure to try the hummus shakshuka, and if you like it hot, lean in like a true in-the-know regular and ask for the secret TNT sauce.

Yishkon St 29, Tel Aviv

Hummus Abu Hassan, Jaffa

With two branches in Jaffa, the most famous just above the Old Jaffa Port, Hummus Abu Hassan is probably Tel Aviv’s most popular hummus restaurant drawing an eclectic mix of local Arab residents, young bohemian Israelis from Jaffa and Tel Aviv, and tourists from around the world. The hummus starts early in the morning, and generally finishes by around 3pm. Particularly popular is the Hummus Masabcha, which has a slightly spicy flavor. The restaurant has seating areas inside, although some days, particularly on Fridays, it can get so busy, that queuing for a takeaway and eating on the scenic area outside is recommended.

1 Ha’ Dolfin Street, Jaffa

Hummus Said, Akko

Although Akko is known around the world for being a city of history, as one of the world’s most impressive Crusader ports, Hummus Said is, for Israeli’s one of the city’s greatest draws! Located in the heart of the Old City Market (if you can’t find it, you might need to ask!), Hummus Said is made by a hummus-master with over 40 years of experience. And whilst Hummus Said does have a branch in Tel Aviv, nothing quite makes up for the original Akko location and its memorable flavors.

Old City Market, Akko

Lina, Jerusalem

In the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, Lina is known across the city as a serious hummus restaurant. Often enhanced with the Yemenite condiment, skhug, Lina is a favorite with local Jerusalemites from both east and west, Israelis who flood here on their visits to the Old City, and visitors from around the world.

Al Khanka Street (Via Dolorosa, near the eighth station)

Ben Sira, Jerusalem

In the center of Jerusalem, Hummus Ben Sira is famous for its many different varieties of hummus including its popular mushroom hummus. Unlike many hummus bars, Ben Sira has a great atmosphere, draft beer, and is open late into the night – it’s a great place to stop off after a night out. It’s incredibly popular with Jerusalem locals and a great to spend a Friday afternoon.

Ben Sira Street

Blue Bus, Pardes Hanna

Expecting nothing is often when the best hummus in Israel appears. On the edge of the town of Pardes Hanna, close to Caesarea and Zichron Yaakov, about mid-way between Tel Aviv and Haifa, the Blue Bus is a favorite for locals, but known nation-wide. The restaurant is actually a blue bus converted into a restaurant set in a slightly hidden location surrounded by small factories and a mall.

Road 652 heading north out of Pardes Hanna towards Binyamina, just before the BIG mall.

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