Must-Eat Foods in Levinsky Market

If you have any interest in Israel’s culinary scene and vibrant street life, you can’t afford to miss these must-eat foods in Levinsky Market. While the market may be relatively small, its unique atmosphere is unparalleled. Chock full of traditional vendors, delicious shops, and a range of restaurants, this market is one of the highlights of Florentin, a grungy-yet-hip neighborhood in south Tel Aviv. During the day, you’ll spot Tel Aviv residents stocking up on an extraordinary selection of nuts, fruits, spices, pulses, cheese, tea & coffee, and more. In the evening, the market turns into a buzzing destination for casual wine-sipping or dining. There’s a reason that spending time at this market on our list of best things to do in Tel Aviv. Here’s our list of the foods you can’t afford to miss!

Nuts, Dried Fruits & Spices

Nuts, dried fruits and spices at Levinsky Market

The market originally gained notoriety for its many shops selling spices, nuts and dried fruits. You’ll find all the variety you could possibly desire sold by weight here for very reasonable prices. It’s the perfect place to explore the best spices in Israel, like Zaatar mixes, sumac, baharat, cumin and ras al hanout. Enjoy looking into these iconic establishments and discovering unique seasoning mixtures and exotic dried fruits. Tavlinsky, ChavShush, & California Market are great places to start. This Levinsky Market Tasting Tour is the perfect way to thoroughly explore this wonderful part of Tel Aviv.


Bourekas at Levinsky market

There is nothing like eating a freshly baked boureka straight from the oven. Eating bourekas in the Levinsky market is a popular tradition among the locals, particularly on Fridays when the market is in full swing. Flaky layers of pastry and a variety of fillings like potato, cheese, and more – what’s not to love? With a cult following among locals, Bourekas Shel Ima (Mom’s Bourekas) and Burekas Penso are the top destinations to experience this classic Israeli rite of passage.

Tea, Coffee & More

Levinsky Market's teas

Whether you’re looking to stock up or enjoy a cup of joe on the spot, Levinsky Market has wonderful offerings. You will find many shops selling a variety of blends of loose-leaf tea and infusions for a variety of ailments. Several shops will blend and grind coffee beans for you on the spot, like Coffee Atlas. Levinsky Market is also dotted with places serving excellent brew like Cafelix, where you’ll find the neighborhood’s serious coffee connoisseurs. Café Levinsky 41, with its quirky repurposed truck parked out front, serves great coffee plus unique custom fizzy drinks flavored with herb & fruit syrups made on the spot. Are you a coffee addict looking for the best spots in the city? Check out our guide to Tel Aviv’s best coffee.

Cheese, Wine & Delicacies

Cheese, Wine & Delicacies

Levinsky Market is home to some of Tel Aviv’s best specialty shops, selling all you need to create a delicious tasting platter. Hahalban offers an incredible variety of the best Israeli cheeses on the market. Melehet HaTohen is an artisanal workshop that produces fine Ethiopian tahini using a 100-year old millstone. Yom Tov Deli and Haim Rafael offer an incredible selection of delicacies including olives, cheese, cured meats & fish, and more. Pick up a bottle of fine wine at Mano Vino to complete a delectable picnic. Alternately, do as the locals do and crack open a bottle, sit in the street, and enjoy with friends.

Global Cuisine

Dalida in Levinsky Market

Along with the many shops in Levinsky Market, many fine eateries have popped up over recent years serving excellent fare. When the sun goes down and shops close, restaurants and bars ensure the area retains its upbeat atmosphere. At Cafe Kaymak, in the center of the market, you’ll find hip young locals enjoying globally inspired cuisine. Dalida, a more upscale eatery, serves a new spin on Israeli food with influences from around the globe. At Saluf & Sons you’ll enjoy rich Yemenite stews, while Garger Hazahav serves fine hummus with all the fixings. Tony and Esther is a great all-around cafe and restaurant which serves an eclectic mix of dishes, while Lila Pizza serves delectable pizza pies favored by locals. For more of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv, read our handy guide.

Levinsky Market is a highlight of Tel Aviv for all food lovers. Vibrant, unique, and full of delectable culinary treasures waiting to be discovered, it’s one of Tel Aviv’s most iconic destinations. But if a brief stroll around the area leaves you wanting more, check out this Levinsky Market and Cooking Workshop tour. You’ll get a full introduction to all the market has to offer and learn how to cook classic local dishes. It’s the best way to bring this wonderful market home with you and enjoy its flavors for years to come!

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