Best Coffee in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is known for many things, from inviting sandy beaches to bustling markets, but one of the most essential parts of life in Tel Aviv is coffee. Coffee culture in the White City has always taken precedence. Whether you’re sipping on a classic cappuccino, a dark Turkish blend spiced with cardamom, sharp Arabic coffee, or an oat milk latte, Tel Aviv has it all. Coffee in this city is taken to the next level and most people will drink several cups a day, from early morning til late at night. Want to join the ranks of a Tel Avivian coffee drinker? Read on to find the most flavorful blends and best coffee spots in Tel Aviv.

1) Cafelix 

cafelix coffee best tel aviv

With several locations in Tel Aviv including Shuk Levinsky, Cafelix is a staple among locals and tourists alike. Serving a variety of ethically sourced beans that are locally roasted in small batches, Cafelix is all about serving the best artisan products available. At their local roastery, they curate each batch of beans for optimal flavor. Their cold brew pairs well with any in-house baked goods including cookies, pastries, and cakes, and even a few vegan options. It is best to enjoy a coffee while sitting either inside or outside, taking in the local vibe and enjoying some of the best coffee in Tel Aviv.

12 Shlomo Hamelech St. | 6 Merkhavya St. | 13 Sgula St.

2) Jera

jera cafe tel aviv best latte

Jera Cafe is renowned throughout Tel Aviv for its unparalleled expertise in crafting the most flavorful and indulgent lattes in the city. With a reputation that speaks for itself, Jera Cafe has elevated the art of latte-making to new heights. Nestled in the heart of Tel Aviv, this cafe has become a haven for coffee enthusiasts seeking a blend of aromatic, creamy goodness that transcends the ordinary. From classic vanilla to velvety caramel, Jera Cafe offers a diverse array of options to suit every taste preference.

54 Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St., Tel Aviv-Yafo

3) Mae

mae cafe tel aviv

Pronounced “My”, Mae’s coffee roasters are found throughout the city, including one in Carmel Market where you can participate in this immersive food tour. Serving exclusively Costa Rican beans, Mae carefully roasts these imports in small batches in their own local facility. Each cafe is stylish, elegant, and comfortable offering some of the best coffee in Tel Aviv. They serve an assortment of small bites like sandwiches, cookies, and croissants which pair perfectly with the expertly-prepared coffee blends.

3 Montefiore St. | 98 Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St. | 17 Rav Aluf David Elazar St.

4) Nahat

nahat cafe tel aviv coffee

A micro-roastery and cafe founded in 2015, Nahat is a passionate coffee purveyor in the city attracting locals and tourists looking for the perfect cup of coffee. Situated near the Dizengoff fountain, Nahat serves artisanally roasted beans that are sourced from across the globe. This gem has expanded to 2 additional locations in Herzliya and Jaffa, and is home to some of the best coffee in Tel Aviv. The cafe is bright, comfortable, and ideal for catching up with friends or sitting back and enjoying some people-watching. Nahat serves plenty of sandwiches, cookies, and pastries and in the evenings they serve beer, wine, and cocktails turning into a cozy bar.

16 Shkelon St. | 1 Dizengoff Square

5) We Like You Too

we like you too coffee best tel aviv

We Like You Too is a vibrant hub spread across Tel Aviv in multiple locations, serving coffee and sandwiches in unique atmospheres. In their most popular Tsiyon Boulevard branch, you will find locals with their morning cup of Joe sitting on benches or blankets on the grass. We Like You Too attracts regulars, passersby, families, and dog owners for their morning pick-me-up, making it an ideal environment for every kind of Tel Avivian. The relaxing ambiance makes it truly one of the best cafes in Tel Aviv. Whether you’re here for your daily caffeine dose or want to while away some time with a good pastry, We Like You Too is the perfect choice.

34 Ben Tsiyon Boulevard | 42 Sderot Ben Gurion | 2 Arieh Akiva St.

6) Silvia Cafe

Silvia cafe best coffee in tel aviv
Credit: Thomas Schlijper

Silvia Cafe sits at the Jaffa Port entrance overlooking the glorious Mediterranean Sea. Surrounded by vibrant establishments, art galleries, and cultural gems, this cafe does not disappoint. Though there isn’t any indoor seating, after receiving your favorite coffee paired with a delicious sandwich or baked good, enjoy the sea views and pleasant breeze with outdoor chairs and benches available. Alternatively, you can stroll Jaffa with coffee in hand – from the Old City streets to Jaffa Hill Park – taking in every neighborhood treasure you come across.

1-A Retzif HaAliya HaShniya St., Tel Aviv-Yafo

7) Cafe Xoho

cafe xoho best coffee international tel aviv

Another great sit-down option is Cafe Xoho, centrally located on Ben Yehuda Street. This cafe is known for its fluffy pancakes, toasted bagels, and some of the best coffee in Tel Aviv. Step into the charming atmosphere that brims with creative and culinary delights. As one of the best spots which blends international influences, every treat is fused with diverse tastes. Cafe Xoho takes pride in delivering exceptional coffee experiences with aromas and flavors blended to perfection. Whether you’re looking for something to do on the weekend or want to just kick back with a tasty beverage, pay Cafe Xoho a visit.

73 Ben Yehuda St., Tel Aviv-Yafo

8) Dallal Bakery

dallal bakery coffee tel aviv

Situated in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, Dallal Bakery is tucked away in Neve Tzedek among the vibrant bougainvillea trees. Around the corner from the Dalal Restaurant, the Dallal Bakery is an elegant and decadent bakery serving French pastries, sandwiches, and cakes. Coffee drinkers can sit at a cozy table inside or outside in the adjacent park space. For some of the best coffee in Tel Aviv, Dallal Bakery is a must and an easy place to stop en route to the Tachana or the beach.

7 Kol Israel Haverim St., Tel Aviv-Yafo

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