Carmel Market

The Carmel Market (the Shuk HaCarmel) is the largest market – or shuk – in Tel Aviv. It’s a vibrant marketplace where traders sell everything from clothing and spices, to fruit and electronics. Visiting the Carmel Market is a fascinating thing to do in Tel Aviv. The bustling atmosphere, lively colors, and reputation as the largest shuk in Tel Aviv, all combine to make the Carmel Market a favorite.

Both first time tourists visiting the city and locals who come here for the freshest produce, get lost among the energetic alleyways. Though market can appear to be a little intimidating, our fun Tel Aviv Food Tour of the Carmel Market provides a glimpse into the culinary world of Israel cuisine. Taste delicious local specialties on this and several other food tours we provide.

About Shuk HaCarmel

The Carmel Market first opened in 1920, some eleven years after the establishment of the city. It is an integral part of the history of Tel Aviv. Although much of the trade has now shifted to modern malls and the internet, the market is still immensely popular. Its narrow street is busy whenever you visit, particularly before Shabbat on Thursdays and Fridays, as residents buy supplies for their family meals. Recent years have seen a growing number of boutique stalls and food places opening alongside the traditional traders. They range from boutique beers to arrays of halva, and small eateries who take advantage of the market’s produce.

The Carmel Market is relatively simple in layout and location. The ‘Shuk’ occupies one street which runs south from the junction of King George Street, Allenby, and Sheinkin Street to the Carmelit Bus depot in the south. The side streets off of the market also host some small traders. The activity is not as spread out as in Jerusalem’s main market, Machane Yehuda.

The top end of the Carmel Market is traditionally focused on fashion and electronics. The lower part is mainly food and fresh produce stalls – check out those must-eat foods at the Carmel Market. Haggling is part of the deal at any Middle Eastern Market, however at the Carmel Market, as Tel Aviv has Westernised, it has become less common on smaller purchases, but still very much part of the experience when it comes to larger purchases!

Visiting the Carmel Market

carmel market

Daylight hours are the busiest times at the market. However, the end of the day can be an interesting time to visit, with traders offering sometimes crazy deals on produce.

The entrance to the market is easy to find right in the center of the city. In Hebrew, the market is ‘Shuk HaCarmel’. If you’re asking for directions, you might have better luck asking for that. Being in the center of town, a visit can be combined with a trip to Tel Aviv’s White City, Neve Tzedek, or just to Tel Aviv Beach!

Some people like to join our tours of the Carmel Market. Combined with culinary workshops, these provide an even greater insight into the people and flavor of the shuk.

Useful Information: Carmel Market

Opening Hours

Summer Hours:

Sunday through Thursday, 7 am til evening(closing starts around 6 pm)

Fridays, 7 am til afternoon(two hours before Shabbat comes in, can be checked by Googling)


Winter Hours:

Sunday through Thursday, 7 am til evening(closing starts around 4 pm)

Fridays, 7 am til afternoon(two hours before Shabbat comes in, can be checked by Googling)

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