Nachalat Binyamin Market

Nachalat Binyamin Market sits in the heart of Tel Aviv. It opens twice every week and is one of the best places in the city to find original, handmade items. Located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, Nachalat Binyamin Market features a massive range of different arts and craft products. They’re presented by over 200 artists who set up every Tuesday and Friday to offer their fascinating creations to the public.

Background: Nachalat Binyamin Market

Nachalat Binyamin Street Market. Credit: Tourist Israel

This is a street market specializing in all sorts of different arts and crafts from all corners of Israel. It was first started in 1987 with just a handful of artists. It now brings more than two hundred, coming twice every week to the pedestrianized streets of Nachalat Binyamin. Along with the stalls come many thousands of shoppers. Locals and tourists alike love to stroll along and see what the day brings in the way of creations. No matter what your artistic style you are almost certainly going to find something you love here, and buying it directly from the artist makes it all that bit more special. Many of the artists use the Nachalat Binyamin Market as their main storefront, often working from home the rest of the week.

Why is it special?

Stalls at Nachalat Binyamin Street Market. Credit: Tourist Israel

This is the largest arts and crafts market in Israel, and probably also the most fascinating. Despite its large size, the Nachalat Binyamin Market maintains strict quality controls. Firstly, each artist is regularly at the market and has to be approved by a committee as a person as well as in what they are selling. Secondly, all works must be original and handmade (apart from some replicas). And thirdly, each artist must personally sell their works, making it that bit more authentic. It has also created a community of the artists who see each other every week and share techniques, materials, and ideas.

Visiting the Nachalat Binyamin Market

The Nachalat Binyamin Market runs every Tuesday and Friday. It is open for most of the day although the earlier you get there, the better. It runs from the top end of Nachalat Binyamin Street (the junction with Allenby Street, King George Street, and Sheinkin Street).

Street Performers at Nachalat Binyamin Street Market. Credit: Tourist Israel

The market is adjacent to the Carmel Market, Tel Aviv’s largest fresh produce market and combining a visit to the two is a great idea. Nachalat Binyamin forms part of the White City so taking a walk in the White City or a tour of the White City on one of the market days is a great idea. You’ll also visit the market on our Tel Aviv Food Tour. To the south is Neve Tzedek, another beautiful neighborhood which is well worth exploring.

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