Dizengoff Center

Israel’s first shopping mall, the Dizengoff Center, opened in Tel Aviv in 1983. The first store opened in 1977 with the rest following a few years later. The humongous mall consists of two towers on either side of Dizengoff Street, which are connected with skywalks and underground tunnels. An icon of fashion-forward Tel Aviv, the mall consists of more than 400 stores, including restaurants and a farmer’s market, a movie theater and a fitness center and swimming pool on the roof.

Visiting the Dizengoff Center

Tel Aviv is a city known for shopping and fashion. With Dizengoff Street having the best designer shops in the city, maybe in the country, the Dizengoff Center sits right in the middle of it all. With so many stores, the mall manages to offer merchandise at a range of prices. Both visitors and locals frequent the Dizengoff Center. On holidays, the mall receives more than 80,000 visitors.

Dizengoff Center also holds a food fair every Thursday and Friday, which gives visitors the opportunity to sample food from all over the world. Foods range from chorizo and empanadas to dim sum and Dutch pancakes. The mall also hosts other events such as designer boutiques and holistic health and therapy fairs.

Mall Hours

Sunday-Thursday: 10 am – 10pm

Friday: 10 am – 5 pm

Saturday: 30 minutes after the end of Shabbat – 10 pm

The Dizengoff Center is located at the intersection of Dizengoff and King George streets.

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