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Food tours

  • VeganTour

    Vegan Food Tour of Tel Aviv

    Available every Monday and Wednesday From $59 per Person
    Starts in Tel Aviv
    Our vegan food tour of Tel Aviv takes you inside the booming vegan culture of the city, giving you a cultural backdrop to the vegan wave which is overtaking Tel Aviv, and an insider...
  • Tel Aviv Food Tour of the Carmel Market

    Available every Tuesday From $39 per Person
    Our Tel Aviv food tour through the city’s Carmel Market will take you into the depths of Tel Aviv’s vibrant food scene, home to the trendiest eateries in the entire Middle East, and many of...
  • thumbTelAviv Market Shuk Hacarmel MT

    Jerusalem Machane Yehuda Market Tour & Cooking Workshop

    Available every day From $220 per Group
    Starts in Jerusalem
    Explore Jerusalem’s famous Machane Yehuda Market on this great tour through the vibrant and fragrant market with an experienced local chef. Following your walk through the market, meeting some of the unique and colorful...
  • WineThumb

    Wine Tours in Israel

    Available every day From $495 per Group
    Starts from any point in Israel
    Take an Israel Wine Tour to see the land of wine and cheese up close, and visit some of the country’s most recognised and impressive wineries. In Biblical times, some 2100 years ago Israel...
  • Market Food Thumb (Katerina Golden)

    Secrets of the Galilee and Nazareth Tour - 1 day private tour

    Custom tour adjusted to your requirements
    Starts from points across Israel
    Our secrets of the Galilee and Nazareth Tour will provide an insider’s view of the green Galilee region, home to ancient traditions, where every hilltop boasts another innovative idea. We’ll start on the...
  • thumbTelAviv Market Shuk Hacarmel MT

    Israel Through Food - 3 Day Culinary Tour

    Available Daily From $From $500 per Group
    Private Custom Tour
    Our Israel through food tour is a three day culinary adventure, Inspired by the huge interest in Israeli cuisine which has been making waves around the world in the past few years. As...