The Best Markets in Tel Aviv

Travelers and locals alike flock to the many markets in Tel Aviv on a daily basis. Whether you are looking to buy food, flowers, antiques, art, or even vintage clothing, there is an option to suit everyone’s needs. The market choices in Tel Aviv offer both indoor and outdoor options. Shopping in Tel Aviv can be a sensory adventure, rich with flavors, sounds, textures, and smells, and allows you to enjoy not only the products you purchase but the whole experience. Be sure to check out as many markets as you can. Here are our suggestions for the best markets in Tel Aviv that you should plan to check out on your next trip!

Start with this local tip – almost every vendor, no matter which market you shop in, will pack your purchases in a plastic bag. We always recommend to bring your own shopping bag along to reduce plastic waste, and use the phrase “Bli Sakit Bevakasha” to let them know politely you don’t need theirs!

Carmel Market

Carmel Market, also known as “Shuk HaCarmel” is a definite must-see while shopping in Tel Aviv. You can buy a wide variety of market goods including fresh fruit and flowers, the perfect pair of knock-off sunglasses, or a giant bag of fresh candy! The beginning of the main drag features a wide array of souvenirs for cheap, although you will get what you pay for, moving onto imitation high-end cosmetics and spa products before the food begins. The next section of the market is a mix of small flower stands, homemade sweets, and lots of local veggies, while the alleys off to the sides offer freshly butchered meat and hole in the wall restaurants side by side with specialty vegetable boutiques and bumping bars. The end of the market offers candy, cheeses, and the larger flower and plant vendors, and the market truly offers something for everyone. This is also the perfect place to test out your bargaining skills with the many market vendors: our tip is to start with about half the value of what they offered and work your way up to a reasonable middle. Be sure to sample things like halva or olives if you can, and embrace the crowd, it is part of the experience. To experience the market to the fullest, we recommend joining this guided food tour through Carmel Market.

HaCarmel St, Tel Aviv-Yafo – Opens 8:00 am

The Carmel Market, one of the best markets in Tel Aviv

Levinsky Market

Your nose will be able to let you know once you’ve reached the Levinsky Market (Shuk Levinsky) – definitely one of the best markets in Tel Aviv. Found in the heart of the hipster, Florentine neighborhood, you will find many stores lining Levinsky street offering fresh spices, dried fruits and nuts, and a variety of food options. Here you will find some of the best bourekas in town, which pairs nicely with a fresh, cold juice which can also be picked up in this Shuk. Dried foods and smaller specialty shops featuring goods like organic dried herbs, local unique cheeses, and boutique wine stores line Levinsky Street, while the perpendicular Ha’Aliya Street offers more bakeries and veggie vendors to round out your trip. You will most certainly see the neighborhood locals picking up their groceries here, and if you happen to visit on a Friday, be prepared for long lines – but we promise it is worth it! Join our Levinsky Market and Cooking Workshop Tour for a comprehensive discovery of the market and all the things that make it a foodie paradise. You’ll get to know local herbs and spices and learn how to make Israeli food.

Levinsky, Tel Aviv-Yafo – most shops open around 9:00 am

Jaffa Flea Market

Also known as Shuk Hapishpishim, this market is the perfect place to find little antique treasures, random knick-knacks, and keepsakes. You can easily spend hours perusing through the many vendor’s stalls in both the outdoor and indoor market. The indoor market is a jumble of fascinating stalls, while the nearby streets are packed with freestanding shops to grab old carpets and boutique outfits from Israeli designers. (Fun Fact: The American hit TV show ‘Homeland’ has filmed a few scenes in this marketplace). The Jaffa Flea market is also a perfect place to purchase antique and vintage furniture and wander through some of the new shops lining Jaffa’s streets. Check out modern jewelry and clothing designers in this hip neighborhood. An incredible mix of old and new items, this market has a little something for everyone. The Jaffa Flea market is featured in this walking tour of Jaffa and Neve Tzedek.

Olei Zion St, Tel Aviv-Yafo – most shops open around 9:00 am

Jaffa Flea Market

Sarona Market

For something a little different, be sure to check out Sarona market, which offers a culinary adventure in a modern market atmosphere. This is much more upscale than the options above, and is similar to Berlin’s Markt Helle Neun, offering seasonal and regional products from homemade ice pops to fresh seafood. It also helps to answer the age-old question “what should we eat for lunch/dinner”: when nobody can decide on one place, visit Sarona with its upscale array of delicious options, one that will suit almost any palate. Many of the vendors selling their fresh goods offer sampler snacks for lower prices, so you can grab a little bit of everything on your walk around the building. Sarona is not only one of the best markets in Tel Aviv, it is also an excellent family friendly option as there is a beautiful outdoor playground for children, as well as grassy patches perfect for a picnic! Outside of the indoor hall are a number of standalone shops and restaurants so you can fully enjoy the outdoor green spaces.

Aluf Kalman Magen St 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo – opens 9:00 am

Tel Aviv Port Market

Located in the Nemal (North Port) of Tel Aviv, you will find this special marketplace, also offering a wide array of culinary treats and gourmet choices. This market feels more like a farmers market, and offers special produce like rainbow carrots and heirloom tomatoes from local producers, not to mention some edible souvenirs! This is a foodie’s market, and if you’re looking to top up your shopping, there are plenty of other shops in the hangars that surround the edible goods. You can also head a little bit east of the markets to reach the beginnings of Park HaYarkon, the green lungs of Tel Aviv that offers everything from paddle boats to bird watching, rock climbing to relaxing in the grass. It’s a great place to enjoy the picnic you just purchased and people watch.

Nemal Tel Aviv St 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo – opens 9:00 am and 7:00 am on Fridays.

The Tel Aviv Port Market

Hatachana Compound

Conveniently located near the beach, and just off of Neve Tzedek, this converted train station also offers a unique shopping experience. While some of the shops are permanent fixtures, there are also weekly vendors on Friday and Saturday that offer small gifts and artistic creations. There is also a certified Ahava Spa, a mix of gourmet restaurants, and restored train cars to snap some cute photos to keep with you. The Hatachana compound is a perfect mix of history and modern day fun, upscale boutiques and eclectic local offerings, a perfect place to spend an hour or two with the kids, and always there if you need a quick bite to eat while relaxing at the beach.

Hammered St, Tel Aviv, Israel – opens 10:00 am

Nahalat Binyamin – Artist Market

Located parallel to the Carmel Market, the Nahalat Binyamin artist market is open every Tuesday and Friday. If you are traveling and trying to think of the perfect gift to bring back from Israel, this is the perfect place to purchase a gift! Not to mention, buy a little something for yourself. From gorgeous handmade jewelry to pottery, to personalized home decorations, you will certainly find a one-of-kind, handmade treasure in this Tel Aviv market. Some vendors make this a weekly pilgrimage, while others only come occasionally, and we promise you won’t want to leave without a custom sketch, handmade kaleidoscope, or ceramic pomegranate(all things that this author has purchased and has never regretted).

Nahalat Binyamin Street, Tuesdays 10:00 – 6:00pm, Fridays 10:00 – 5:00pm

The Tel Aviv artist market

Antique Market

This market is perfect for the thrifty shopper, looking for a second-hand deal! Not to mention an eclectic array of antique goods and collector items, this weekly market has some hidden gems! This Tel Aviv market used to be located near the Dizengoff fountain but has now been moved to Givon Square. This newly created space located behind Ha’Arba’a street and Hashmonaim, near the Cinematheque Theatre, is also located conveniently steps from Sarona Market.

hatikva Market

If you love meeting the locals alongside the sights and sounds of a real Israeli market in action, this one is for you. Definitely not on the typical tourist trail, this market is as authentic and close to the bone as you can get. Here you will find plenty of fresh produce at great prices, fresh meats, spices, and a number of hidden restaurants serving delicious home-cooked food with Moroccan or Iraqi flair. The goods here are cheaper than the other markets tend to be since it’s on the outskirts of the city, but we promise that the surrounding restaurants and their mouthwatering offerings make this journey well worth the effort. Two giant parks nearby are a great place to take the kids to enjoy an impromptu picnic or burn off their sugar high after sampling some of the decadent sweets on offer.

HaTikva St 10, Tel Aviv-Yafo, open Sunday-Friday, 6:00 – 7:30pm

tel aviv markets

A different kind of “market” – Diamond Bursa

Although there is only one item to purchase at this market, it is certainly worth a visit! The largest diamond exchange in the world, this unique district is the perfect place to purchase diamonds if you are looking to buy. We offer daily tours of the Diamond Bursa here.

Honorable Mentions

Although they may not be outdoor markets, Tel Aviv also offers some fantastic indoor mall shopping. Sometimes a perfect escape from the heat, it is nice to find yourself inside the cool air-conditioned malls and visit some local and international Israeli stores!

  • Dizengoff Center – Dizengoff St 50
  • Azrieli Mall – Derech Menachem Begin 132, Tel Aviv-Yafo
  • Ramat Aviv Mall – Einstein St 40, Tel Aviv-Yafo
  • TLV Fashion Mall – Carlebach St 4, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Whatever you are in the market for, the shopping on the best markets in Tel Aviv will certainly not disappoint!

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