Exploring Tel Aviv By Bike

Want to experience Tel Aviv like a local? Then explore Tel Aviv by bike! What better way to delve into this gorgeous cityscape, perfectly situated along the Mediterranean coast than by bicycle. Tel Aviv offers many pedestrian and bike pathways and is relatively flat making it easy to enjoy a casual cruise along the beach and one of the best ways to see this dynamic city.

Where to get a bike in Tel Aviv?

There are a few bike-share companies throughout Tel Aviv that are easily accessible and conveniently located. Bike rental programs are eco-friendly and make it easy to grab a bike when needed, park it when you don’t need it, and can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Exploring Tel Aviv by bike


Tel-O-Fun is one of the first bike-sharing companies that offers around 2000 bicycles through the city which can be picked up from 200 stations. It is easy to recognize those green bikes anywhere in the city, and used by locals just the same as tourists. Offering one-time use, and annual memberships, all you need is a credit card to pick up one of these fun cruisers from the rental stations to explore Tel Aviv by bike.

Pole Position TLV

Pole Position TLV is a bike rental company curating urban biking experiences. You may have noticed locals riding electric bikes all throughout the city! Pole Position TLV rents both standard bicycles and electric bike options. This company that proudly declares to be a part of the “green revolution” also offers helmet rental and is happy to offer tips to riders and centrally located on Ben Yehuda street is an excellent option for bike rentals.

Join a Tel Aviv Bike Tour

Another great options for those looking for all the right spots and bike routes throughout the city with the help of a guide, Bike tours are also a great option and perfect way to tour around. This is also an excellent option for family-friendly fun.

Why not join a bike tour which offers a wide variety of bike options, suitable for a range of bike interests? With Private tours, City guides and options for children 13+ years of age, this Tel Aviv bike tour allows you to explore past some of the cities most exciting sites and landmarks and offers different levels of difficulty options.

Join a bike tour and discover Tel Aviv

Best areas to bike in Tel Aviv

Here are a few neighborhoods and areas in Tel Aviv that are easily accessed and bike friendly.

  • Neve Tzedek (southwest Tel Aviv neighborhood, easily reached at the end of Rothschild Boulevard. Check out Shabazi street and ride along until you reach the beach)
  • Rothschild Boulevard – this famous street in the white city has a bike line and pedestrian path. Gorgeous tree lined streets with little cafes, perfect to take a coffee break. Be sure to ride on the bike side (indicated on the path by signs)
  • Jaffa – ride along the “tayalet” (boardwalk) on the beach right into the city of Jaffa. Ride your bike throughout the winding streets and check out this exciting area
  • Park Hayarkon – this amazing green park situated in north Tel Aviv is an excellent place to spend the day. Ride your bike throughout the park, sit and enjoy a picnic before heading back out.
  • Tel Aviv Port (the Namal) – found in the north, also accessible from the beach boardwalk, the Namal is a great destination to reach by bike in Tel Aviv

Look like a local on your bike in Tel Aviv

While helmets are not mandatory, locals are starting to wear them more and more. You will often see riders without helmets, riding in sandals. It is also not rare to see multiple riders piled onto one bike buzzing by you on the street. It is best to make sure you always keep safety in mind when riding your bike around Tel Aviv. Keep to the bike paths, and when possible ride on the street. Always watch out for cars, and don’t be alarmed when you hear honking – this is very common in the streets of Tel Aviv.

The best routes to find, are the ones you have yet to explore cycling through Tel Aviv is the perfect way to avoid traffic, and maximize on-time exploring Tel Aviv by bike. By the way, if you can’t leave your baggage in your hotel during your bike trip, there are many options to store luggage in Tel Aviv in many public places.

Bike at Tel Aviv beach