Luggage storage in Tel Aviv & Luggage storage in Jerusalem

Looking for convenient options for luggage storage in Tel Aviv? Or do you need a facility for luggage storage in Jerusalem? Whether you are on a quick layover in Israel and looking to store your bags for a few hours, or need to keep things for a few days, there are a few options throughout the city offering safe baggage storage. Check out our list of storage options found throughout Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Store luggage in TEL AVIV

Azrieli Mall (Derech Menachem Begin 132, Tel Aviv-Yafo)

Azrieli Mall is easily recognized by its iconic tower structure, three skyscrapers in the shape of a circle, triangle, and square. This mall is one of the largest in Israel and offers excellent shopping with a wide variety of stores as well as many cafes and restaurants throughout. Azrieli mall is centrally situated and conveniently along the train line making it easily accessible by both train or bus, and also has underground parking if you are traveling by car. Found on the first floor, in the center of the mall you can find the electronic locker storage (next to the iDigital Store). Here you will find 24 lockers for storing luggage in Tel Aviv ranging in size from small to extra large to accommodate small backpacks or larger suitcases. The price for storing your luggage is 10-15 Shekels and is based according to locker size. The base price includes the first two hours that are used, and each subsequent hour after the first two is 5 shekels.

You are able to store luggage items for up to two weeks and must keep the receipt to scan and open lockers using the barcode. Lockers are accessible 24 hours a day (important: if after midnight, visit the circular lobby and ask to be escorted to the lockers).

Store your luggage in Tel Aviv

Dizengoff Center (Dizengoff St 50, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 64332)

Found at the corner of Dizengoff Street and King George Street, Dizengoff Center is very central and easily accessible by most bus routes in Tel Aviv. Known for its unique structure, with over 420 stores, this mall also has a movie theatre and often holds events including a notable food fair on Thursday and Fridays. This is a convenient option for baggage storage in Tel Aviv.

To find the luggage storage, enter through gate number 4 (off Dizengoff street entrance). Here you will find a total of 16 lockers ranging in size for small backpacks to medium suitcases. Price is 10-15 shekels for every 4 hours and is based according to locker size. Items may be stored for up to two weeks, but can only be accessed during mall hours from 9:00 am-12:00 am. Follow the instructions on the screen when using to lock and safely store your luggage in Tel Aviv.

Options for Train Station Luggage Storage in Tel Aviv

  • HaHagana Station – a south Tel Aviv train station near the Central Bus station offers easy bag storage options. Found toward the main entrance of the station on the left-hand side you will find 8 electronic lockers, suitable for luggage storage – either small backpacks or large suitcases. To use the small lockers the price is 20 shekels for 6 hours and to use the large lockers the price is 40 Shekels for 6 hours. These are single use lockers and require the receipt barcode to open. Available Sun-Thu: 06:00-23:00, Friday: 06:00-15:00, Saturday: 18:30-22:30.
  • HaShalom Train Station – next to Azrieli Center, off Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv offering luggage storage options ranging from medium backpacks to extra large suitcases. Found at the main entrance off to the left-hand side near the baggage screening machines. These mechanical lockers range in price, medium lockers are 10 shekels while the extra-large options are 30 shekels. Payment lasts only until 24:00 from when you start storing your baggage. If you’d like to extend the hours and store luggage for a longer period you must call the customer service number provided to pay using a credit card. Accessible Sun-Thu: 06:00-22:30, Friday: 06:30-16:00, Saturday: 20:30-00:00
  • Arlozorov Savidor Central Train Station – the main central station found on the border of Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan. Here you will find a variety of locker size options ranging from small backpacks to extra large suitcases to store your luggage. These electronic lockers can be found inside the station close to the exit on the Tel Aviv side, on the left-hand side next to the lost and found. Prices range based on the size of the locker, small (backpack size) are 10 shekels per 3 hour period with a max of 40 shekels for a 24 hour period. The medium lockers which are suitable for large bags are 15 shekels for every 3 hours, max 60 shekels for a 24 hour period. Large lockers which house large suitcases are 20 shekels for every 3 hours with a limit of 80 shekels for 24 hour period. Lastly, the extra large lockers (only 2 lockers of this size) are 25 shekels per every 3 hours with a max limit of 100 shekels for a 24 hour period. It is important to note these are one-time use lockers, so once you open it you will need to pay again and they are open and available 24 hours a day.

Store your luggage in Jerusalem

The New Central Bus Station – Levinsky 108, Tel Aviv-Yafo

The Central Bus Station which is situated in south Tel Aviv and is the main bus station for all of Tel Aviv and located quite close to the HaHagana station. This bus station is the main hub and the place to catch a bus to all parts of Israel. Inside the bus station, on the 6th floor near the information counter, adjacent to platform 601 you will find these mechanical luggage lockers for rental to store your bags. Offering 27 medium sized lockers, 8 large and 4 extra large, the prices range from 27 shekels to 20 shekels and 30 shekels, respectively. Payment lasts until 24:00 and can only be done with a credit card. Hours of the central bus station are as follows:Sun-Thu: 4:45-00:30, Friday: 4:45-17:00, Saturday: 13:00-00:30.

Jimmy Who Night Club – Rothschild Boulevard 24, Tel Aviv-Yafo

This nightclub which is located on the famous Rothschild Boulevard is a staple of the Tel Aviv nightlife scene, which also conveniently offers locker storage for smaller luggage items like bags. While the storage options are much smaller, this may be a suitable option for a night out! These storage lockers are found next to the bathrooms. Here you will find 15 small size lockers which are suitable for small bags and jackets and can be used for 10 shekels. They are one-time use and can only be used during the hours of the club.

Luggage Storage Tel Aviv – Ben Yehuda 64, Tel Aviv-Yafo

A newly opened luggage storage facility in Tel Aviv, Luggage Storage Tel Aviv offers safe, secure bag storage that is available 24/7. Medium and large lockers are available to rent, either at an hourly or daily rate. Given the location, this is ideal for those who want to enjoy some time at the beach before heading to the airport and don’t want to bring their suitcases to the sandy shore with them. Alternatively, the daily option is also great for those traveling for long extended periods. Payment is based on the first two hours in order to reserve the locker, and the system calculates the balance depending on the number of hours. The balance must be paid in order to retrieve stored luggage. Users are also given a personal code that only they have access to, which ensure safety in that nobody else can open the lockers.

Store luggage in JERUSALEM

Options for Luggage Storage at Jerusalem Central Bus Station

The main hub in Jerusalem, and in fact one of the busiest bus depots in the country, this bus station serves many bus lines and is an easy way to get to other cities. It is located on Jaffa Road, towards the entrance of the city. On the first floor near the Aroma Cafe, directly at the main entrance of Jaffa street, you will find electronic lockers to store your luggage in Jerusalem.

There are 25 lockers total, ranging in size from small to extra large. Based on the size, the lockers range in price from 20-40 shekels for every 6 hours of use. Items can be stored here for up to two weeks. The bus station is open Sun-Thu 5:45 – 24:00, Friday 5:45 – one hour before the start of the Sabbath, Sat one hour after the commencement of Shabbat- 24:00.

Storing suitcases and bags

Malha Train Station in Jerusalem

This is the main station for Israel Railways in Jerusalem. It is found in the neighborhood of Malha in the south of Jerusalem. Other landmarks near this train station include the Jerusalem Arena and Teddy Station. Luggage storage lockers can be found in the center of the railway station next to the vending machines. These are mechanical lockers which are one-time use and payment lasts only until 24:00. Medium lockers are 10 shekels while large lockers are 20 shekels.

If you wish to store your bags for a longer period, you must call the customer service number on the locker to pay with a credit card. Operating hours and accessibility to the baggage lockers are the same as the station.Sun-Thu: 06:00-23:30, Every other Friday: 07:00-14:00, Saturday: Closed.

Leave your Bags and Suitcases at your hotel

Most hotels and hostels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem offer storage rooms for bags and suitcases, using them can be arranged directly with the front desk. You must be a guest at the hotel in order to use these services but it is often available for short-term or overnight baggage storage. Leave your bags while you explore or take a tour around the city.

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