Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

Rothschild Boulevard is one of the most important and iconic streets in Tel Aviv. Located in the heart of the White City of Tel Aviv, Rothschild Boulevard is a commercial center. It has major financial institutions lining the street, a cultural center, with the main theater and concert hall of Tel Aviv, a culinary center, with tons of top restaurants, and a leisure center. The walkway in the center of the boulevard is popular with dog walkers, bikers, and some of Tel Aviv’s wealthiest and most beautiful who stop off at the amazing coffee kiosks found in the center of the street.

Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

History of Rothschild Boulevard

Rothschild Boulevard was one of the first streets to rise in Tel Aviv over 100 years ago. The original name, Rehov HaAm, means “the street of the people”. Its new name reflects the generosity of Baron Edmond James de Rothschild of the French Rothschild banking dynasty. Interestingly, it was not originally a boulevard. This was because draining the dry wadi which ran along the middle was too big a challenge. The street ran on either side, forming the first of a number of boulevards which can be found in the city. These now characterize the city’s image and architecture.

Each side of the street towers with beautiful Bauhaus Buildings. It’s the iconic architecture of Tel Aviv which led to its recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While ageless, many of these have undergone extensive restoration. They now house the offices of financial institutions, creative firms, restaurants, cafes, and luxury residences. Alongside these buildings sit some of the tallest skyscrapers in Tel Aviv, built more recently, mostly to house bank headquarters. They beautifully contrast with the traditional buildings of the street.

Where Does It Go?

Rothschild Boulevard runs, in the south, from the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, northwards through the White City of Tel Aviv. While many of the buildings on Rothschild Boulevard have rich histories, undoubtedly it is Independence Hall, where Israel’s Declaration of Independence was signed in 1948, which is the most important. It is fairly central along the street. At the northern end of Rothschild Boulevard is the Habima Theater, Israel’s national theater, and the Fredric Mann Auditorium, the home of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Along the center of the boulevard are gardens, under the shade of beautiful trees, walking and bike paths, and a number of kiosks. They’re mostly coffee shops where residents of the city sit and watch the world go by.

Experiencing Rothschild Boulevard

Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

Walking along this storied street is a beautiful experience. We recommend you stop along the way to observe the architecture. Or refresh yourself with a coffee or meal at one of the many restaurants the street houses. Maybe turn off the boulevard into some of the quieter side streets. They also have some beautiful buildings particularly heading towards the sea. Sheinkin Street which crosses the middle of the boulevard is another iconic Tel Aviv street (to the west of Rothschild). Additionally, if you want to really understand the history and architecture of Rothschild Boulevard take a Tel Aviv architecture tour.

Rothschild Boulevard is one of Tel Aviv’s most beautiful streets, most fascinating streets, and trendiest streets and after visiting, you’ll understand why. Many visitors opt for joining a guided architecture tour through the area.

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