5 Things You Didn’t Know About Street Art in Tel Aviv

The streets in the southern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Florentin serve as a colorful canvas for the diverse Tel Aviv street art that can be found in the city. You may walk through Tel Aviv without even realizing the beautiful works of art that are splashed across the city, some tucked in hidden alleyways. Here is a look at 5 things you didn’t know about street art in Tel Aviv that may change the way you walk through the city, passing street art you’ve likely seen before.

1. Nothing lasts forever

Recently, the biggest street art commission Tel Aviv has ever seen spans over an entire building located in Florentin. This exciting work of largescale art was created by both local and international artists. The building that is artfully covered will be demolished in one year.

 Street Art in Tel Aviv

2. Community Involvement

One of the oldest street art pieces from the late 1990s, in the heart of Florentin, was painted over by the municipality. Due to the large outcry of the local residents, the paint was removed to restore the work underneath along with an apology to the public and the artist.

3. Look up and down

‘Kufsonnim’ is a made-up word of boxed-like characters created by celebrated street artist Adi Sened. These characters, represent both pop icons and characters with social commentary. They are often small and with the intention of being at an eye level of a child.

4. Night time surprises

Some of Tel Aviv’s best street art is only visible at night. A large number of street artworks are painted onto shutters of businesses that come down after closing hours. The experience of viewing street art in the city changes from day to night when many hidden surprises are revealed.

5 things you didnt know about street art

5. Worth the risk?

Despite being a criminal offense with the possibility of receiving a fine of 1000 shekels, graffiti and street art thrive in the neighborhood of Florentin. Street art continues to spread to other areas such as nearby Jaffa. You would need to be caught in the act to get the fine therefore artists are not afraid to sign with their own name and not their pseudo name, or street tag.

For those interested in learning more about the impressive street art scene our Tel Aviv Street Art Tour is a comprehensive look at the progressive, sometimes political and multifaceted works of art in Tel Aviv. Learn more things you didn’t know about Tel Aviv street art.

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