HaYarkon Park, Tel Aviv

HaYarkon Park is set on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. Beautifully tranquil, HaYarkon Park (Ganei Yehoshua) is to Tel Aviv, what Central Park is to New York. HaYarkon Park is the green lung of Tel Aviv and straddles the Yarkon River in the north of the city. Aside from the sheer beauty and tranquility of the neatly groomed lawns abutting the calm river, the Park also has some interesting features.

Things to do in HaYarkon Park

In the eastern part of HaYarkon Park lie the Rock Garden and the Tropical Garden. The Rock Garden in HaYarkon Park is one of the largest of its kind in the world at 10 acres. Showcasing Israel’s geological diversity with poetic descriptions for the amazing rocks which are displayed, the rock garden also features over six acres of cacti, 3,500 species of plants, and some fantastic views across the HaYarkon Park’ lake.

The five-acre Tropical Garden in HaYarkon Park is home to a rain forest-like micro-climate with a tiny lake home to swans, fish, and beautiful orchids and vines.

HaYarkon Park also features a bike-rental center. Biking in HaYarkon park is easy because of the flat, accessible trails, and is a great way to see the park, and as an activity to escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Tel Aviv which is only minutes away.

Also within HaYarkon Park is one of Israel’s largest water parks (complete with water slides, a wave pool and a toddlers’ pool), a bird sanctuary and petting zoo.

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