Tel Aviv for Dogs

Tel Aviv is arguably one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world and walking down any street in the city it is easy to see why. In fact, the municipality of Tel Aviv says that the ratio of dogs to residents is 1:17, meaning there is one dog to every 17 people in Tel Aviv! Whether a dog owner, dog lover or just admirer of 4-legged cuteness, here is everything you need to know about Tel Aviv for dogs.

Most restaurants and cafes are dog-friendly in Tel Aviv

It is not uncommon to see dogs not only in restaurants and cafes, but sometimes even sitting at the table among diners. Most cafes are very diligent to make sure that Tel Aviv dogs are treated properly often serving dog biscuits and treats and ensuring there is a doggy dish of water available outside for man’s best friend to rehydrate along with their owners.

Dog beaches in Tel Aviv

Dogs roam Tel Aviv beaches freely enjoying a cooling dip in the Mediterranean sea or sunbathing along with their owners. There are designated dog beaches in Tel Aviv where they are permitted to run off leash. In the north, at the Hilton Beach, there is a designated doggy area as well as in the South at Alma beach, where it is both a dog and dog-lovers paradise.

Tel Aviv Dogs

parks designated for dogs in Tel Aviv

From Park Hayarkon to Gan Meir, there are endless parks designed specifically for dogs to enjoy. Dog parks in Tel Aviv are fenced in, gated and have signs clearly marking where dogs are permitted. Unless the sign indicates it is not recommended to let dogs roam off-leash.

Pet stores in Tel Aviv

It may be surprising to see so many pet stores in one city, but given the number of dogs in Tel Aviv, it is understandable. In Florentin, a very dog-centric neighborhood there are even 3-4 pet stores on the same street! Additionally, in Dizengoff center mall there is a vending machine on the upper floor that is filled only with dog treats and dog merchandise making it easy to purchase anything from food and treats to collars and leashes with the simple touch of a button.

Dog-friendly offices

Most offices in Tel Aviv are dog-friendly and it is not uncommon to see a cute puppy curled up under the desk of a co-worker. While not all offices follow this model, it is more likely than not for people to take their dogs to work rather than leaving them at home. It is also common to see dogs on their morning commute with their owners on scooters or in bike baskets on their way to work.

Dog Washes in Tel Aviv

A unique idea that has popped up all over the city, dog washes are self-serve cleaning stations where dogs can come and freshen up. Alternatively, many vets in the city will also offer cleaning and grooming, but for those who want to save money and give their dogs some pampering, a stop at any dog-washing station is a real treat.

Adopting a dog in Tel Aviv

Given the volume of dogs in Tel Aviv, fostering and adoption is the ideal method for becoming a dog owner. For those who are interested in fostering, adopting or even volunteering with the sweet dogs of Tel Aviv there are many options.

  • Every Friday morning and afternoon an adoption fair takes place in front of Gan Meir. Many shelters come together and bring the dogs in hopes that people will adopt them on the spot while also bringing awareness to their organizations one of which is the reputable Friends4Life organization.
  • The Tel Aviv Municipality Dog Shelter is operated by the city and continually looking for help and volunteers. While they sometimes facilitate their own adoption days/fairs they often post online about potential animals looking for their forever homes. They have a Facebook page that posts frequently with updates for potential adoption and fostering as well as volunteering opportunities.
  • The SPCA also has a large presence in Tel Aviv both at their adoption center found at Herzl 159, Tel Aviv but also on their Facebook page with frequent and up-to-date posts, updates, and rescue and adoption information.

Dogsoftlv Instagram

The dogs of Tel Aviv even have their own Instagram account. Search #dogsoftlv #dogsofisrael or #dogsoftelaviv to see some of Tel Aviv’s sweetest and cutest dogs.

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