Alma Beach Tel Aviv Dog Beach

Found between neighboring Jaffa and the Dolphinarium, Alma Beach is the southernmost beach in Tel Aviv with a more relaxed vibe. The beach does not have lifeguards, cafes or sunbeds and is most notably open to dogs, making it a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Due to its location and lack of breakwater, the waves and water at Alma Beach can feel stronger than at other beaches. At the most southern part of the beach, dogs are permitted to run off-leash making it a haven for dogs and their owners. A perfect place to see four-legged friends frolicking along the sand and taking cooling swims in the water. If you are not a dog-lover, this is not the beach for you.

Alma Beach in Tel Aviv

The view from Alma Beach is also quite unique given that to the south, Jaffa begins, showcasing the clocktower and the old city. For those interested in spending time in Jaffa, a break at Alma beach is a perfect way to enjoy both exploring and beach relaxing in one day. To the north side, the coast is visible and the view looking upwards is quite spectacular. The view of the tayelet (beach promenade) is visible and all of the beach hotels can be seen from this vantage point.

This beach can also be busy with crowds, usually, locals from Jaffa or nearby south Tel Aviv neighborhoods like Florentin and Noga will frequent this beach. If you are looking to take in the sunset, Alma Beach may be one of the best spots to enjoy the colorful sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

An ideal way to enjoy the beach is to relax at sunset, then walk along the promenade to nearby Jaffa for the evening, enjoying the many restaurants, cafes, and bars seen in the lively nightlife. Alternatively, an enjoyable stroll along the promenade from the most southern end is a great way to end a day in Tel Aviv.

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