8 Must-See Old Cities in Israel

Ever wondered what it’s like to step back in time? Now’s your chance to explore the old cities in Israel. Imagine walking the vibrant streets of the Holy Land’s quaint walkways, home to a treasure trove of relics and magical tales. The old cities of Israel have withstood the test of time, blending centuries-old traditions with modern life.

From Jerusalem‘s majestic streets to Safed‘s charming alleys, these cities hold treasures of history and culture just waiting to be discovered. Take a trip to Israel, explore age-old paths, marvel at architectural wonders, and let your imagination run wild. These cities are not just historical landmarks, they are living, breathing chronicles which remain alluring and timeless. So, get ready for some exciting adventures!

1) Holy Sites of Jerusalem’s Old City

 Jerusalem Old City Tour

Jerusalem’s old city in Israel is the historic and spiritual epicenter of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Over 4,000 years of history are preserved within its walls, containing revered sites like the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Dome of the Rock. These landmarks reflect the city’s religious significance and heritage.

In particular, Jerusalem’s importance to Judaism is deeply ingrained in its long-standing traditions and spiritual evolution, underscoring its unique spiritual identity. Take one or more of our enthralling Jewish heritage tours that combine history, religious insight, and brilliant views.

You can explore all these sights and more on our Jerusalem Old City day tour, which captures the magic of the holy city and its many delights. Consider a Christian tour to fully explore the enlightening wonders of Jerusalem’s Old City and other areas of the Holy Land

2) Ancient Port City of Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa Night Tour

Located within the enthusiastic embrace of Tel Aviv, Jaffa – or Yafo – is a delightful fusion of traditional charm and contemporary dynamism. Filled with echoes of vibrant galleries and spectacular views, is the ancient port city of Jaffa. This neighborhood displays Israel’s diverse cultural heritage, artistic spaces, and charming eateries serving delicious local food.

Throughout Jaffa’s ancient walls and cobblestone streets, a piece of hidden history can be found at every corner. For a memorable experience, consider visiting any time of year. The city offers unique experiences for every season – winter’s magnificent sunsets and summer nights packed with activities. Feeling adventurous? Try our Jaffa sunset walking tour, a fantastic way to explore the city.

3) Discover the Ancient City of Akko

akko old city port

The coastal city of Akko Israel – also known as Acre – stands as a living witness to the Crusader and Ottoman periods. With its captivating charm and rich tapestry, there are several adventures to be had here. From Akko’s picturesque port and robust fortified walls, to its complex tunnels only unearthed in the 1950’s – hidden treasures lie at every turn.

Take a step back in time and discover the enchanting old-world of this ancient city. Dive deep into centuries of layered history and significant heritage with our immersive 2 day Northern Israel tour which showcases the city’s magnificence. To combine a few old cities together, consider taking our Caesarea, Haifa and Akko Tour.

Tour North Israel With Us

4) Nazareth – The Childhood Home of Jesus

old city of Nazareth

Want to dive into a living storybook? Nazareth, the peaceful city where Jesus spent his youth, awaits you. With every step, you will encounter ancient archeological sites, like the cherished Basilica of the Annunciation. Walking through its sacred halls, you can almost hear the whispers of age-old prayers. Nazareth’s spiritual tapestry unfurls around you, relaying stories that are both touching and enlightening. Visiting during Christmas or Easter lends an even more authentic feel to its sacred atmosphere. Join our Galilee and Nazareth tour to fully soak in this city’s deep spirituality and rich culture.

5) Ancient Harbor City of Caesarea

Caesarea harbor ancient old cities

Ever wondered where royal history can be found in Israel? Welcome to Caesarea, a dazzling coastal city, where the Mediterranean’s stunning beauty complements its rich Roman heritage. Imagine strolling through ancient ruins of King Herod, marveling at an old theater, a riveting hippodrome, and remarkable aqueducts that still echo of Roman influence. This impressive city is more than just historical relics; it also offers world-class dining options. So, get ready for this enchanting 2-day trip to Caesarea on your next visit to Israel.

6) Ancient Bethlehem – Birthplace of Jesus

Bethlehem Israel tour Jerusalem

Experience the spiritual significance and gripping tales of the past with a visit to the old city of Bethlehem. It’s famously the birthplace of Jesus and home to the timeless Church of the Nativity – one of the world’s oldest functioning churches. This city is visited by millions annually and offers a peaceful environment to its many tourists. Teeming with archaeological treasures, Bethlehem is a great place to check out during Christian holidays, like Christmas or Easter. Explore the city’s historical paths on our Bethlehem, Jericho, and Jordan River tour to learn more about its captivating atmosphere.

7) Jericho – The Oldest Inhabited City in the World

jericho ancient old city

Jericho is the world’s oldest inhabited city with an astonishing history that dates back to pre-Biblical times. You’re invited to explore the brilliant city with our Jericho tour, taking you on a thrilling journey through time. Explore ancient ruins, archaeological wonders, and learn of bygone civilizations. Your guide will offer deep insight into Jericho’s captivating past and its age-old stories. The scenic landscapes and mysterious aura make it appealing and the many ancient sites make it unforgettable.

8) Old City of Mystical Safed

safed blue stairs galilee

Nestled in the Upper Galilee sits Safed (Tzfat), blending deep-rooted mystique with modern allure. Its Kabbalistic old city vibrates with spirituality, while its Artists’ Quarter buzzes with creativity. The Meiri and Hungarian Museums, active ancient synagogues, and significant Jewish cemetery augment the city’s appeal. Nearby cities, forests, and the Yam L’Yam hike cater to nature lovers. Embark on a journey of discovery – join our tour to explore Safed’s mesmerizing fusion of past and present.

What Historical Jewels Will You Discover?

With its many historic cities, Israel offers a compelling blend of ancient traditions and breathtaking discoveries. A few of these cities are Jerusalem, Jaffa, Akko, Bethlehem & Jericho, Safed, Nazareth, and Caesarea, which are of great historical and cultural importance.

For history lovers, Israel is full of hidden gems. Whether you’re traveling solo or as part of a group, don’t miss out on seeing these incredible historic places. You can explore the country with many our exclusive packages, tailored to your needs. Whether you’re in Israel for a day or a week, Tourist Israel can take you off-the-beaten path for an experience like no other.

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