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Archaeological Sites in Israel

  • The Museum of the Underground Prisoners

    The Museum of the Underground Prisoners, Akko

    History of the Museum of the Underground Prisoners The Museum of the Underground Prisoners in Akko tells the story of the underground fighters who fought for the independence of the State of... explore more
  • hospitaller fortress

    Hospitaller Fortress (Knights' Halls), Akko

    The Hospitaller Fortress is one of the most impressive sites in Akko. The Hospitallers, also known as the Order of the Knights of Saint John, were a military order of warrior... explore more
  • beth


    Bethlehem is an important historic city in the West Bank, about 10km (6.2 miles) south of Jerusalem. Bethlehem, or beit lechem means “House of Bread” in Hebrew. During the Christmas season,... explore more
  • Jericho 32


    Jericho is considered one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and has a fascinating and history. Situated in the West Bank near the Jordan Valley and close to... explore more
  • Jerusalem_232_(2458299829)

    Via Dolorosa

    Via Dolorosa (Latin for “Sorrowful Way” or “Way of Suffering”) is a route through the Old City of Jerusalem that is believed to be the path Jesus walked to his crucifixion.... explore more
  • Acre_-_Akko_12_-_Templar_Tunnel_(6658908199)

    The Templars' Tunnel, Akko

    The Templars’ Tunnel in Akko is an extraordinary underground passageway built by the Knights Templar (a Christian military order) to connect their main fortress at old Akko’s southwestern tip with the... explore more
  • Kursi

    Kursi National Park

    Kursi National Park is an archaeological site in Northern Israel enclosing the ruins of a Byzantine monastery. This monastery is identified by tradition as the site of Jesus’ “Miracle of the... explore more
  • Russian compound

    The Russian Compound, Jerusalem

    The Russian Compound, located in central Jerusalem, includes the massive and unmissable Holy Trinity Church and is one of the oldest parts of Jerusalem. Built in the 1860s, the compound is... explore more
  • 1

    Temple Mount Sifting Project. Jerusalem, Israel.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in some real archaeological work in the Holy Land! Get your hands dirty sifting for real treasures from the First and Second Temple periods. The... explore more
  • Israel is very family friendly

    Family-Friendly Attractions in Israel

    When traveling to the Holy Land, you’ll have plenty of options for family-friendly attractions in Israel. Family is at the heart of the local culture – so its no surprise that... explore more