Mount Of Temptation & Monastery

The Mount of Temptation is a mountain located in Jericho. It is known for being the location where Jesus underwent the temptation from Satan. It is also home to a Greek Orthodox monastery, which stands at the peak of the mountain. Mount of Temptation and its Monastery have been around since 330 AD, making it one of the oldest monasteries in the Holy Land.

Visiting the Mount of Temptation – or Monastery of Temptation – is a holy experience, as many pilgrims flock there each year. To make the most of your visit, read on to learn about this important site and how to pay homage respectfully and safely.

Where is Mount of Temptation?

The Mount of Temptation is located in Jericho, the oldest city in the world! Where is Jericho, you ask? The ancient city is located in the West Bank, near Jerusalem. It’s just a short drive from the city of Amman in Jordan. The Mount of Temptation is also near the Jordan River and is within walking distance of Jericho’s old city, making it a great addition to your itinerary.

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History of Mount of Temptation

Jericho mount of temptation

The Mount of Temptation has a long and rich history. It is said that Jesus was brought to this mountain by the devil to endure his temptations. This story can be found in the Christian Bible, specifically the Book of Matthew, Chapter 4.

The Greek Orthodox Monastery was built around 330 AD on top of the mountain. In its early days, it served as a refuge for monks who wanted to practice their faith away from persecution. Since then, it has become an important pilgrimage site. It continues to welcome visitors from all over the world today.

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Getting to the Mount of Temptation

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The Mount of Temptation is located in the Judean Desert. The mountain stands at 1476 feet (450 meters), so it can be quite a challenge to reach its peak. There is a cable car that will get you to the base of the mountain and the rest of the climb requires some physical excursion. Though the ascent can be taxing for some – a 30-minute uphill walk – once you begin, it doesn’t take too long to reach the top and you can stop for as many breaks as you’d like. Be sure to stay hydrated and protected from the sun.

Although many people make the pilgrimage each year, the West Bank is a historically contentious area. So is it safe to visit the West Bank? The answer is yes, but as with any trip, you should always be careful and take precautions when visiting. Traveling in a group is usually the safest option, and with our tours, you are guaranteed a remarkable, safe, and comfortable journey.

A guided tour of the Mount of Temptation & Monastery is included in this Bethlehem, Jericho, and Jordan River Tour. You’ll also get to see the Jordan River, offering you a chance to get baptized, and witness Jordan’s side of the river, Bethany Beyond the Jordan.

Visiting Mount of Temptation Respectfully

Jericho mount of temptation

Visiting the Mount of Temptation is a religious experience, so visitors must dress appropriately and respectfully. Women must cover their hair with a scarf or hat, and men should wear long pants. If you don’t meet these dress code requirements, you won’t be granted entry to the monastery.

You should also plan to be respectful beyond the way you dress, especially in the monastery. It is important to keep your voice low and not bring any food inside. Pictures and video are allowed, but only if you can do so without disturbing the other visitors.

If a religious service is occurring, it is especially important to be respectful while visiting. Don’t take pictures or videos during a service. Although you may participate in a service if you feel compelled to, don’t talk or make any noise until it is finished. You can also stand towards the back of the monastery and passively observe if you don’t feel like partaking.

You can learn more about respectful practices in religious areas in our article on how to tour Israel’s Christian holy sites. If you travel on a tour, your guide will help explain to you how to be respectful.

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