Is it Safe to Visit the West Bank?

Many travelers visiting Israel wonder whether it is safe to visit the West Bank. The West Bank is rich in historic and archaeological sites and has amazing landscapes and interesting cultural activities. Bethlehem and Jericho are the two most popular places to visit when traveling in the West Bank. And generally, it is safe to visit the West Bank.

Last updated November 2023

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How safe is it to visit the West Bank?

The political situation between the Israelis and Palestinians has been relatively quiet for the past few years. This means that similar to being safe to travel in Israel, it is safe to travel in the West Bank. Whilst there are often increases in tension, these are mostly focused on the area of Gaza, not connected to the West Bank physically.

As a result, the Israeli authorities have handed control of large areas of the West Bank to the Palestinian authorities. Like anywhere, you should remain vigilant at all times, however, from a political perspective, the West Bank is now safe to visit.

Personal safety for tourists in major locations in the West Bank where tourists might wish to visit is high (Bethlehem, Jericho, and the River Jordan). There is a shared interest for all authorities to keep these locations safe and comfortable for tourists. However, it is important to follow news reports and follow instructions, as there is from time to time increased tension. Often this tension is focused around crossings/checkpoints which can be avoided when traveling with tourists on a tour.

The situation between Israel and Jordan has been peaceful now for over 20 years and as a result tours to Petra from Israel are very popular and accessible.

It is generally safe to visit the West Bank's Mount of Temptations in Jericho

Where to Visit in the West Bank?

The major attractions of the West Bank are:-

  • Bethlehem, the birth town of Jesus Christ
  • Jericho, the world’s oldest city
  • Qasr-el Yahud, a Baptism site on the Jordan River
  • Hebron, home to the Tomb of the Patriarchs
  • Ramallah, the modern capital of the West Bank
  • Nablus, a city with a rich history and interesting Old City

Is it safer to the West Bank by Public Transport or on a Tour?

Traveling to the West Bank is safe and possible via public transport. Buses leave from East Jerusalem to most locations, although it can be simpler to join a tour.

Our range of West Bank day tours offers a safe and simple way to travel in the West Bank starting from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Among the most popular tours to the West Bank are:

In addition, most Israel tour packages also visit the West Bank as part of their itineraries, so there is no need to arrange separate trips.

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