Allenby/King Hussein Border Crossing

The Allenby/King Hussein border crossing is 57 kilometres from Amman, located in the southern Jordan Valley. You can access entry via a bridge that crosses the Jordan River near the city of Jericho, connecting the West Bank with Jordan. The Allenby Bridge Terminal is operated by the Israel Airports Authority. It serves as a border crossing between the West and East Banks of the Jordan River.

The Jordanian authorities recognize the bridge as an international border entry point, but neither Jordan nor Israel will grant entry visas to foreign passport holders at this crossing, unlike at Jordan’s other border crossings with Israel (Aqaba-Eilat in the south, and Sheikh Hussein-Beit Shean in the north).

Allenby/King Hussein Border Crossing

Getting to Allenby Border Terminal

Allenby Border crossing is approximately 30 kilometres from Jerusalem and is the closest border to the city. It is easy to arrange taxis directly with most hotels in Amman or take a shared taxi with other travelers directly to the Israeli-Jordanian border. There is a shared taxi service at Tabarbor Mujamaa Shamali. You can also take the JETT bus from Abdali at 7:00 am daily, the cost is 10 JOD.

The border is open Sunday to Thursday from 08:00 – 17:30, and Friday to Saturday from 08:00 – 15:30.

Crossing Via Allenby Border Terminal-Things You Need To Know

The Allenby/King Hussein Border Crossing is a special border with unique requirements. If you’re considering crossing into Jordan from Israel via this border, make sure that you properly understand the procedure!

Process for Crossing Allenby Border Terminal

Travel permits from both Israeli and Jordanian authorities are required to cross at Allenby, and there may be regulation changes due to the current political climate. Israeli citizens are not permitted to use this terminal, except pilgrims to Mecca, the Hajj, and Omra.

Tourists who wish to travel to Jordan via Allenby have to be in possession of a Jordanian visa in advance, depending on their nationality. Only then is crossing permitted via Allenby. It’s highly advised to check official border sites for updates in the event of a closure. Travelers will then proceed through customs, where there may be a departure tax fee, depending on when you first entered either Jordan or Israel.

Passports are then collected and held by immigration officers as you cross and returned to you once processed and you are officially on the other side.Any bags with you will be searched and you will likely be questioned as part of the process.

Passport Requirements

Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date you plan to depart from Jordan. There must also be a single blank page for the entry stamp. If crossing into Jordan from Queen Alia International Airport, you will already have an entry stamp to Jordan in your passport.

Also, if you plan to cross into Israel and do not intend on returning to Jordan you will not have an exit stamp from Jordan. This can sometimes cause suspicion as to how you exited Jordan while already having entered Israel. To avoid this, tell the airport staff upon arrival that you plan to enter Israel and request that your visa be on a separate paper rather than inside your passport. It’s not guaranteed that airport security will do this for you, but there is no harm in asking.

Crossing with a Tour Group

It’s best to cross at Allenby on your own as a tourist, just be sure to sort out all the logistics beforehand. Though we don’t offer border-crossing assistance, joining an organized tour takes some of the stress out of planning your own trip as we’ll meet you on the other side with a set itinerary. Our Israel-Jordan tours provide you with a range of expert guides and jam-packed adventures.

Terminal Services

The passenger hall on the Israeli side of Allenby Terminal has a restaurant and bathrooms. The Jordanian side has a branch of the Bank of Jordan for exchanging currencies.

What To Do After Crossing

After you have crossed the border, depending on which side you are on and where you plan to travel, there are public buses and taxis available. Once you know your itinerary, it’s best to research your options before heading to the border.

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