How to Visit Petra from Israel During the Summer

Petra, located in Jordan, is an awe-inspiring archaeological marvel often referred to as the “Lost City.” After its rediscovery two centuries ago, Petra has gained worldwide acclaim and is now recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.

While visitors are drawn to Petra throughout the year, the scorching summers in the desert raise question, ‘Should I visit Petra during the summer?’ The answer is yes, with proper planning and awareness of the challenges, of course. Exploring Petra during any season is indeed possible.

In this article, we will guide you on how to prepare for a summer excursion to Petra, including selecting the right tour and ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience during the vibrant summer season.

What is Petra?

petra during the summer

Petra, the ancient city of grandeur, stands as a testament to a powerful civilization. Nestled in the Jordanian desert, its stunning sandstone buildings carved into mountains mesmerize visitors. The Treasury, The Monastery, and The Royal Tombs are among the highlights. While summer visits can be challenging due to the desert heat, proper attire and hydration ensure a memorable experience. Opting for a guided tour, such as our Petra Day Tour from Tel Aviv, or other day tours from different cities in Israel, guarantees a top-rated journey.

How Hot Does Petra Get During the Summer?

Petra expects pretty hot weather during the summer, with temperatures reaching over 100°F (37°C). Take high humidity into account in addition to the blazing sun; it’s crucial to begin your journey earlier in the day or well-after the sun goes down. Petra does cool down at night, but minimally. Night entries are available to the site and with cooler temperatures like 80°F (28°C), it’s easy to enjoy the landmark in the evening as well.

Despite this, many visitors still brave these conditions and trek to Petra during the summer months. Shoulder-season means less crowds, so consider taking one of our year-round tours for a great adventure. You’ll be able to join others that are up for the same challenge. However, a trip such as this requires research and smart preparation.

Planning Your Petra Tour

Petra Tour with Overnight in Aqaba – 1 Day

Preparing for a summer trip to Petra requires understanding the conditions and challenges ahead. Familiarize yourself with expected temperatures and be mindful of the demanding routes and terrain. Assess your trekking abilities and plan accordingly, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

When packing, opt for lightweight clothing that covers your body, including long-sleeved shirts and trousers. Don’t forget sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn. Staying hydrated is crucial, so remember to drink ample water before, during, and after your visit to Petra in the summer to avoid dehydration. Use our in-depth guide to know exactly what to pack for your trip.

Visiting Petra During the Summer


It’s no surprise that a tour is the best way to visit the historical Petra. Here are a few best-selling tours that we provide:

Here at Tourist Jordan, we also offer private Petra transfers to ensure that transportation to your desired destination is seamless, comfortable, and hassle-free. Additionally, our tours provide you with assurance, top-rated expertise, and valuable insight you won’t get anywhere else.

Staying in Petra During the Summer

If you’re planning to stay in Petra for a few days, it’s best to book air-conditioned accommodations. It’s also important to ensure your hotel or guest house has access to clean drinking water. This will help you stay hydrated throughout your trip. For an excellent range of hotel options, view our hotel list and browse the perfect Jordanian accommodation for you.

Petra During the Summer is Worth the Visit

With the summer heat in mind, visiting Petra may seem daunting, but it’s completely manageable with the right preparations. Make the most of your trip by conducting thorough research and planning ahead. Here’s where our 24-hour Petra guide should help.

To relieve the stress of organizing your visit, consider booking a tour with Tourist Jordan. Our expertise in exploring Jordan, including Petra, ensures a comfortable experience even in the hot summer months.

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