Plan the Perfect Private Tour to Jordan and Petra from Israel

We know it can be difficult to plan the perfect private tour to Jordan and Petra from Israel on your own. The historic Hashemite Kingdom offers visitors everything from historic ruins and remnants of stunning cities to wild landscapes and cosmopolitan cities. And if you’re already in Israel, it’s tempting to hop the border to explore its charming neighbor! We offer a number of itineraries to fit your every need, as well as a number of articles with advice on entering Jordan. When taking a private tour, you get to experience all of these sites with on the ground experts. Your transportation and stays are arranged by our team, leaving you free to enjoy the journey, hassle-free.

Our Favorite Sites in Jordan

This historic kingdom has a lot to offer visitors, from cosmopolitan cities to centuries old ruins. If you’re looking to escape into nature, head to Wadi Rum. It’s lunar sands feature in a number of movies, including Lawrence of Arabia and The Martian. Or enjoy panoramic views from the top of Mount Nebo. This is the spot where Moses first saw the Promised Land, and we promise it’s well worth the visit. Or admire the marvelous mosaics in Madaba, ranging from Byzantine and Islamic works to Hellenistic and Roman artifacts. For a look at the world’s most well-preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy, head to Jerash. You can visit the Roman theater and Hadrian’s Arch, or walk through the museum that houses a number of archaeological finds.

While all of these historic spots are great, our favorite is by far the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra. It is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and is a can’t miss stop on your journey through Jordan. The intricate facades, towering buildings, and fascinating history are sure to capture your heart. For a more modern experience, take some time in Aqaba. It’s Jordan’s only seaside resort city, with incredible underwater dives and busy markets. Or visit the capital of Amman, full of both ancient ruins and contemporary charms. No matter where you decide to go, Jordan will be the trip of a lifetime!

Tips for Getting There

Trying to plan the perfect private tour to Petra and Jordan from Israel can be daunting. There’s paperwork, bureaucracy, border crossings, and a lot of planning, right? Wrong! If you decide to take a tour from Israel, we will take care of all of that for you. From transport to hotels, we arrange everything for you.

At the border crossing, we have on the ground experts to help get you in and out with ease. You’ll have local insiders as guides every step of the way, ready to take you to a different world entirely. Hotels and trips between the highlights are ready before you even show up. All you have to do is sit back and relax, and let us take over! If you’d like to understand more about the process, you can see our article on crossing land borders with Jordan. Or read about visas for Jordan, which we also arrange with any tour of ours that crosses over.

Private day tours offer you the chance to explore nearby wonders without disrupting a well-planned itinerary. They make a great add-on to any trip, helpfully filling in empty spots on your list. And if you’re already in the area, there’s no reason to miss these incredible spots! For some inspiration on what to see, take a look at our Petra day tour from Tel Aviv or our Petra day tour from Eilat. These group tours both offer incredible looks at the famous facades of this Nabatean city that can be changed to fit your private experience.

You can mix and match the attractions in the Forgotten City of Petra for your perfect tour. Want more free time? We can make that happen. Looking to extend your stay? We can change anything about these tours for you, even the length. Just want to hop over the border for a quick day in Jordan? We’ve done this before, and we’re here to help! Another bonus with a private tour is private transport. You won’t have to share a bus or van with anyone you don’t know, with no stops to pick up other travelers.

Book a Multi-Day Private Tour

For a deeper look at the area, we recommend a multi-day private tour to really dive into the culture and charms of Jordan. You can fit in more sights, and experience a wider array of stunning views. A great place to start includes looking at one of our most popular group tours, our Petra and Wadi Rum 2 day tour from Jerusalem. It’s a perennial favorite, and stops at 2 of the area’s most incredible attractions, the wild desert of Wadi Rum and the captivating city of Petra. To see more of the country, including the more modern highlights and other ancient delights, our highlights of Jordan 3 day tour from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv covers a wider base of incredible destinations.

Or dive more deeply into Jordan’s most unique and popular highlights with our Petra and Wadi Rum 3 day tour from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. One of the best parts of this tour is the longer stay in the Bedouin Campsite and more free time in Petra itself. While these are all incredible, these are just starting points! Any private tour you book with Tourist Israel is totally customizable. This is your journey, and we’re just here to make it happen the way you want.

Private package tours give travelers a chance to dive more deeply into the beauty and culture of Jordan. For an example group itinerary that focuses on Jordan alone, our 10 day ultimate Israel and Jordan package tour is a comprehensive journey through Jordan. You’ll visit all of the highlights mentioned above, and then some. We also offer specialty tours, like our 10 day Catholic Jordan and Israel package tour. This gives you the chance to look at key sites from the Bible and scriptures with an adventurous twist! Or try our 9 day Jewish heritage in Jordan and Israel tour package to reconnect to your ancestors. No matter what you’re looking to do, we can make it happen.

Private package tours are truly a great way to visit a wider area without the stress of cross-country planning falling on you. When they combine Jordan with other countries in the area, you get a fuller experience in the Middle East. Some of our favorite multi-country tours include our 10 day ultimate Israel and Jordan package and our 13 day Israel, Jordan, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi package tour. Or see the newest tourist stop in the area, Saudi Arabia. Our 13 day Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia package is our hottest tour. It offers you even more places to add to your private tour. Stopping in multiple countries also gives you the chance to learn more about the different cultures that make up this storied area. So what are you waiting for? Plan the perfect private tour to Jordan and Petra from Israel today!

Touring the Hashemite Kingdom

Taking a private tour is the easiest, most cost efficient, and best way to visit the marvels of the Middle East. Often, the best way to plan a private tour to Jordan and Petra from Israel is to let the professionals do the work! We’ve been doing this for years, and know the best suppliers to make your journey unforgettable. Book a private tour with Tourist Israel today for the trip of a lifetime.

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