How to Tour Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

If you’re planning a visit to Israel, Jordan, or Egypt – prepare to be delighted. Regardless of the duration of your trip, you’ll have plenty to explore within each country. But while in the region, why not visit all three? Israel contains some of the world’s most important holy sites. Jordan is a magical kingdom – boasting 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Hollywood film locations. Egypt, with its iconic pyramids and Nile River, graces bucket lists around the world. Best of all, traveling between these three countries is easy! Follow our guide on how to tour Israel, Jordan, and Egypt and prepare for the ultimate adventure. With so much to experience, you don’t want to miss this trifecta while visiting the Middle East!


Tour Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

Within a country the size of New Jersey, Israel contains some of the most important religious and cultural sites. Followers of Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, and Baha’i faith flock to the Holy Land to experience its magic. When in Israel, there is no shortage of highlights to discover, so regardless of how long you visit you’ll still leave wanting more. The best way to maximize your time is by booking a tour package – thoughtfully curated by locals who are in-the-know. There are options for every interest and comfort level, from classic to pilgrimage and budget to VIP. Tour packages offer hassle-free convenience, with airport pickup, drop-off, and everything in between taken care of so you can relax. But, if you prefer to explore on your own, there are plenty of options as well. You’ll fly into Ben Gurion International Airport and can make Tel Aviv and Jerusalem your bases – especially if you plan to join some day tours! There are a variety of options to choose from, so you can enjoy a mix of independent exploration and guided tours. Popular destinations include the Galilee, northern coast, Masada and Dead Sea, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem.


Tour Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

Visiting Jordan from Israel is easy – and well worth the journey! The most popular way to do so is by crossing via the southern Wadi Arava border with Eilat. From there, you can visit Petra and Wadi Rum, then return or continue exploring Jordan. If you wish to visit Jordan’s northern sites – including Amman, Jerash, and Madaba, you can cross via the northern Jordan River border. From there, make your way south to Petra and Wadi Rum – which are an absolute must when visiting Jordan. The most convenient way to visit Jordan from Israel is via group or private tours – available with daily departures. With a tour, crossing the border is a breeze with organized transfers and border assistance. These tours include the cost of entrance to Petra ($70)! For the ultimate convenience, book an Israel and Jordan tour package! But if you prefer to navigate your own route, you can cross the border on your own and take it from there! Once you’ve soaked up everything you can from this mystical kingdom, return to Israel to make a decision: travel back to Tel Aviv, or head to Egypt?


Tour Israel, Jordan, and Egypt

Most travelers that come to Israel only explore the Holy Land and, at best, include a visit to Jordan. And for good reason – with so much to experience, its easy to do! But, when in Israel, Egypt is just a hop, skip, and a jump away! See how to get from Israel to Egypt and tour the majestic beauty of this ancient country. With daily departures to Cairo and Mount Sinai, adding Egypt to your itinerary is as easy as booking online. If you’re planning on visiting Egypt straight from Israel, hop on a shuttle to Eilat to swim with the dolphins before beginning your Egypt adventure. To visit Egypt with us, consider this Sinai Day Tour from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, or better yet, join us on 3 exciting days of Sinai and Cairo.

Eilat is the ultimate launch-pad into Jordan and Egypt – the duty-free resort town is perfect to recharge in preparation for whatever’s next. If you’re returning from a group tour in Jordan, the timing is perfect to allow you to head directly to Egypt after your Jordan tour! Should you prefer to travel independently, simply head to the Taba Border. If you’ve been wondering how to tour Israel, Jordan, and Egypt – now you know! The only question left is – when are you joining us?

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