Why Visit Jordan With Tourist Israel?

You may be asking, why visit Jordan with Tourist Israel? It isn’t just one of Israel’s neighbors. Jordan is a fascinating ancient kingdom filled with fascinating sites. Rife with archaeological sites, modern metropolises, and natural wonders, it’s enough to occupy anyone. If you’re already heading to Israel, it’s a shame to miss the other highlights of the Middle East. With years of experience running tours in both countries, we’ve got you covered. We offer stress-free travel and the best experiences, so what are you waiting for?

Why Visit Jordan From Israel

Whether you’re looking to spend your time in a modern seaside resort town or step into the past and explore ancient Roman ruins, Jordan offers a plethora of intriguing attractions. And it’s incredibly simple to visit Jordan from Israel, especially with our help. Even if you’re going over the border on your own, it’s a breeze if you follow our guide. The ancient Hashemite kingdom has long been at the top of buckets lists for the beauty of Petra and scuba diving of Aqaba, and more modern cities like Amman are shifting to be more tourist friendly. While the list of attractions could potentially be endless, here are a few of our favorites.

Archaeological Wonders in Jordan

Petra Jordan Travel from Israel

Petra is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. This captivating and enigmatic area was a Nabatean settlement that hasn’t lost any of its appeal. With a unique color radiating from the carved stones, and intricate details that adorn each facade, Petra truly is awe-inspiring. Continuing our journey in the past, Jerash has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, and is home to a number of Roman ruins. The most famous include Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple of Artemis. It also houses an incredible archaeological museum. Madaba is another ancient jem, and home to the Church of the Virgin Mary, with a 6th century map of the holy land made completely of mosaics. It shows off relics from the Byzantine, Islamic, Hellenistic, and Roman times for a multi-cultural trip down memory lane.

Natural Beauty in Jordan

Getting away from man-made marvels, first up is Wadi Rum. This is an expanse of desert with unreal landscapes that look like the surface of the moon. Many a Hollywood film on Mars has been shot here, and there are tons of things to see and do. A few of our favorites include a jeep safari tour, LINK TO TOURS HERE. Another incredible natural site is the iconic Jordan River. While it’s an important biblical and religious site, that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful in its own right. Lush trees line its banks, and visiting is an emotional experience for all. Mount Nebo is another important biblical site that’s also beautiful. This towering mountain where Moses is said to have seen the holy land for the first time offers beautiful panoramic views from the top, and scenic treks up.

Best Cities in Jordan

It’s also home to a number of modern metropolises, and another reason why you should visit Jordan with Tourist Israel. Amman is a bustling and vibrant city, home to busy markets and ancient ruins. The energy in the city still feels authentic while offering visitors the chance to experience a more raw version of Jordanian energy. It’s a unique place with a lot to offer. Aqaba is Jordan’s only coastal city, and is quickly becoming a seaside resort town. It has stunning resorts to escape, and draws in lots of travelers with its amazing diving in the Red Sea. It’s just over the border from Eilat, and is conveniently close to both Petra and Wadi Rum.

Why Tourist Israel

Tourist Israel is the largest travel company in Israel that provides tours and packages in Jordan. We only employ the most experienced teams and certified local guides to ensure authenticity. As a one stop shop offering everything from transportation and tours to hotels and transfers, it’s easier than ever to hop off the beaten track. We also hire a diverse team, giving you a deeper look at this contested region and its beautiful wonders. After years of working in this field, we offer the best of the best, no matter which country you want to spend your time in.

Additionally, we arrange your visas in advance and have agents to help you cross the border, ensuring an easy trip from country to country. We offer a wide array of tours, ranging from single day trips to specific sites to experiences that last over a week and take you to all the most incredible sites. Tours can be customized for your needs, adding more experiences along the way. Traveling to Jordan with Tourist Israel is the easiest and most unforgettable way to see both countries. With tours leaving from all over Israel, including Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Eilat, there’s no reason to miss out on these amazing trips!

Our Favorite Tours in Jordan

Wadi Rum Desert Jordan

Petra is a perennial favorite, and we offer a wide selection of tours in Petra. One of the best is this 2 day tour that combines the ethereal beauty of Wadi Rum with the splendor of Petra that leaves from Tel Aviv. If you’re looking to see Petra from every angle and experience all of its beauty, this 2 day tour covers every attraction and leaves from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. We also offer a 1 day tour of Petra from Eilat if you’re combining some diving in the Red Sea with your Jordanian explorations. Our highlights of Jordan tour is 3 days long, showing off the best of the country, and leaves from either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

Or if you’re looking for a longer package, our 13 day tour takes you through Israel, Jordan, and the glittering cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. For budget travelers, 8 days in Jordan and Israel might be perfect for you, hitting all the highlights. If none of the above are exactly what you’re looking for, our full list of tours in Jordan can help you out.

Visiting Jordan With Tourist Israel

This incredible country just over the border from Israel is full of surprises and stunning sites. With so much to offer, there’s no reason to miss it on your next trip to Israel. Why visit Jordan with Tourist Israel? Because we can make a once-in-a-lifetime trip easier than a trip across the country. If you’re looking for hassle-free adventure with experienced tour leaders, look no further.

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