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Getting Around

  • Akko ferry

    Ferry from Haifa to Akko

    The ferry from Haifa to Akko allows visitors to both northern coastal cities to shuttle between the two easily. Ferries operate several times a day, seven days a week. The ride offers... explore more
  • Tel_Aviv_Skyline_(night)

    Weekend Public Transportation in Tel Aviv

    Starting November 22, 2019, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality is launching the first *free* public transportation system on the Friday nights and Saturdays (the Jewish Sabbath/Shabbat) across the city and surrounding areas.... explore more
  • petra

    How to get from Tel Aviv to Petra

    People often ask how to get from Tel Aviv to Petra. Thanks to its proximity to Israel, it is possible to travel from Tel Aviv to Petra every day of the week.... explore more
  • Getting from Jerusalem to Eilat

    How to Get from Jerusalem to Eilat

    Getting from Jerusalem to Eilat is easier than most travelers think, with many options available. Eilat, the southern port city is situated along the Red Sea and conveniently close to neighboring Jordan and the town... explore more
  • How to get from Israel to Sinai

    How to get from Israel to Sinai

    More and more travelers are making their way to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt, the desert region situated between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea and wonder: How to get... explore more
  • Rav Kav card

    Rav Kav - Using the bus in Israel

    As of January 2019, Israel made a change to remove cash from bus transportation and use the Rav-Kav card exclusively. Like many metropolis cities, reloadable bus cards are used to encourage... explore more
  • bird scooters in Tel Aviv

    Bird Scooters in Tel Aviv

    Locals in Tel Aviv are always on the move, from bikes and skateboards to scooters and electric bicycles there are many modes of transportation. The latest gadget and mode of transportation... explore more
  • How to get from Tel Aviv to Mitzpe Ramon

    How to Get from Tel Aviv to Mitzpe Ramon

    In order to combine the best of Israel’s Bauhaus architecture and spectacular natural landscape, Tel Aviv and Mitzpe Ramon are an ideal combination. Tel Aviv is a buzzing capital city with... explore more
  • How to get from Mitzpe Ramon to Eilat

    How to get from Mitzpe Ramon to Eilat

    Mitzpe Ramon and Eilat are two wonderful destinations in Israel with two very different landscapes. High up (900 meters high to be precise) on Israel’s very own ‘grand canyon’, Mitzpe Ramon... explore more
  • Getting from Amman to Jerusalem is a common traveler question

    How to get from Amman to Jerusalem

    There are several ways to get from Amman to Jerusalem. These two capital cities, of Jordan and Israel, are merely 100km away, however separated by an international border makes the journey... explore more