How to Get From Eilat to Petra

A common question is how to get from Eilat to Petra. Many tourists using Israel’s southern-most city as a base from which to explore Petra are doing so as it’s the easiest option of getting from Eilat to Petra. There are a few different options available to make this Jordan stop on your Israel itinerary go smoothly and safely. Depending on your budget, the time frame that’s available, and your personal travel preferences, it’s easy to travel from Eilat to Petra.

Our guide to planning the perfect private Tour to Jordan and Petra from Israel is helpful to understand the ingredients that go into a wonderful, stress-free experience. It’s possible to travel from Eilat to Petra every day of the week. Changing Jordanian border regulations do not change the schedule of our tours from Eilat to Petra, which are available every day.

Update: July 01, 2022. Israel and Jordan have reopened the land borders for tourists, and our Petra tours are running regularly.

Travel With a Tour

There are tours from Eilat to Petra seven days a week.

Single Day Tours

These start in Eilat at around 7 am and return from Petra at around 7 pm. These door-to door-tours, departing from three centralized locations and drop you off back at your address in Eilat. The package usually includes all transportation, guiding at Petra, lunch, and the Petra entrance fee. If you’re traveling alone, the entrance fee is approximately $130 for a one-day visit.

The border crossing fee ($65) does not come with any tour to Petra. Additionally, the Jordanian visa fee of $60 is payable on the day of the crossing if you have not pre-arranged a visa. The price of these one-day tours from Eilat to Petra is $199. This makes it a great value option once you factor in the costs involved with doing it yourself. More information about a one day tour from Eilat to Petra is here. Or, stay overnight in Aqaba with this alternative 1-day tour option.

Two- and Three-Day Tours

These tours from Eilat to Petra are also available daily. There are a couple of variations on these. They include a two day Petra Tour, which is a two-day tour starting and ending in Eilat. It also has a guided tour of Petra on day one, and free time to explore on day two. Another popular option is a two day Petra and Wadi Rum Tour. This provides a guided tour of Petra on the first day, overnight in a Bedouin camp, and a jeep safari at Wadi Rum on the second day. If you’d like more time to explore Petra more thoroughly, our Petra and Wadi Rum 3 Day Tour from Eilat is a great option.

Custom Private Tours 

These can also be arranged from Eilat to Petra. These are particularly suitable for families or groups who would either like to travel alone, at their own pace, or wish to customize their Israel itinerary to include different sites, regions, or with a different timeframe. For more details about these, contact us.

Bus From Eilat to Petra

Unfortunately, there is no regular bus allowing you to travel from Eilat to Petra. Crossing independently at the Arava Border Crossing, there are no buses from either the border or the nearby city of Aqaba which go directly to Petra. Some tour companies allow you to buy only a seat on their bus. This usually costs around $50 each way, however, once you factor in entrance fees, it works out to be more expensive than joining a group tour. Please note that since January 2016, crossing the Arava Crossing without a visa pre-arranged in your country is not possible. Read here for more information about the visa regulations to Jordan. Those on tours will be issued visas at the border.

Taking a Taxi

Petra Tours from Eilat can be completed in just one day

From the Jordanian side of the Arava Border Crossing, a taxi to Petra is officially 54 Jordanian Dinar (approx $75), or for a return journey including waiting time, 87 Jordanian Dinar (approx $122). The taxis at the border crossing are operated by one company. Bear in mind that you must take a taxi from the border to Aqaba (11 Jordanian Dinar – $15 approx), and for a one-day visit, that can add time. Please note that since January 2016, crossing the Arava Crossing without a visa pre-arranged in your country is not possible, read here for more information about the changing visa regulations. Those on tours will be issued visas at the border.

What’s the Best Way to Travel?

Even for those who aren’t usually tour-lovers, taking a tour from Eilat to Petra is usually the best way to visit this unique site. Considering entrance fees, traveling time, and convenience, it’s not only similar in price, and even often cheaper, than traveling using public transport, it usually makes the experience better – a guided tour at Petra adds to the experience, and this is usually something that people agree on at the end of the day. To show the math clearly:

Taking a one day tour from Eilat to Petra:

Tour Cost – $199
Border Crossing Fee – $65
Visa Fee – $60
Entrance Fee – included
Lunch – included

Total for the day – $324

Traveling independently from Eilat to Petra:

Taxi from Eilat to Border – $10
Border Crossing Fee – $65
Visa fee (must be pre-arranged) – $60
Entrance Fee – $130
Taxi from Aqaba Border to Petra – $122

Total for the day – $387. But a visa must be pre-arranged in your home country.

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