24 Hours in Eilat

With so many beaches, sports and tours, it is easy to enjoy 24 hours in Eilat. The resort town is in the southernmost part of Israel and a great starting point for exploring into Jordan and Petra. Flights arrive in Eilat at two airports, Eilat’s Airport and the Ramon Airport. The journey takes about 4-6 hours traveling by land from cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. But, it is worth the trip!

While you won’t find many historically and culturally significant places to visit in Eilat, there is plenty to do if you enjoy the beach. It is highly recommended that you spend more than 24 hours in Eilat because there are so many amazing tours that start here.

Tourist Israel’s suggested itinerary for a one or two-day experience in Eilat:

One-Day Itinerary:



Explore the beauty that surrounds the city of Eilat with a morning hike. The Eilat Mountains have fantastic hikes for people of all ages and abilities. About 25 km north of Eilat is Timna Park, located in the Negev Desert. This is one of the largest attractions in southern Israel. The park has a number of hiking trails, but it also is home to one of the world’s oldest copper mines. There are activities for children and a restaurant on site. See the beauty of this environment and learn about its nature and history. This can also be experienced with a tour or shuttle from Eilat


As the temperature heats up, head back into Eilat. There are various activities available, depending on people’s interests.


Eilat Beaches: For people who visit Eilat, this is must. Eilat has 10 km of shoreline along the Red Sea. The water is clean, clear and always refreshing. From pebbles to fine sand, choose from one of Eilat’s many beaches. Dolphin Reef is one option, where visitors have the opportunity to swim with dolphins.

Water sports: If you would like a more active afternoon, Eilat has so many options to choose from. Test your balance with stand up paddle boarding, water skiing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. Parasailing is another option, if you would prefer to see Eilat from the sky. There many locations throughout Eilat that offer lessons and rentals for these activities. Check with your accommodation, sometimes rental can be coordinated through the hotel.

Snorkeling and Diving: These are the two most popular water sports. There are more than 20 diving schools in Eilat. If you’re already certified, check in with one of the centers or check out these diving courses in Eilat. There are many places along the shoreline to snorkel and equipment is fairly inexpensive to rent.

Underwater Observatory Marine Park: Families can get an up-close and personal look at the marine life in the Red Sea. There are multiple different exhibits, including a shark tank and a tower where visitors can see everyday life under water.


Shopping: This is a popular choice for many visitors in Eilat because the city is a tax free zone. There are several shopping centers within a short distance. The Mall Hayam Shopping Center, which sells brands from around the world, is open until 23:00.

Sunset: Do not miss seeing the sunset. Stroll along the marina and watch the beautiful scene, as the sun sets over the Eilat mountains.


Evening Desert Tour: If you want to get out of the city in the evening, experience the desert after dark with this three-hour tour in the Negev. Learn about the Bedouin people while making a traditional meal. Afterwards, enjoy a 30-minute hike to some of the desert’s famous landmarks.

Nightlife: There are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs to enjoy in Eilat. Choose one that fits your personality and bring your 24 hours in Eilat to a close.

Two-Day Itinerary:

If you are planning to spend more than 24 hours in Eilat, we would highly suggest adding a tour for your second day. Here are the one-day and multi-day tours available from Eilat:

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