Best Tours from Eilat

Travelers often ask how to choose the best tours from Eilat. Eilat is Israel’s popular resort town in southern Israel. Just like most resort towns, Eilat offers fantastic beaches, activities and dining. But, Eilat also has amazing tours that allow visitors to experience many popular places all over the country. While many of these destinations can be reached by car, the best and easiest way to experience them is with a tour. Here are the best tours from Eilat:

Petra Tour

Petra Jordan tour

Experiencing the “Lost City” of Petra is on the bucket list for many travelers. Eilat is near one of the most accessible border crossings into Jordan. Travelers can opt to take the Petra Day Tour or the Petra 2-Day Tour – both including the entrance fees to Petra – and experience the amazing highlights of the city including the Siq, the Treasury, the Obelisk Tomb and the theater.

Petra and Wadi Rum 2-Day Tour

This experience is designed for people who want to see Petra but also experience and learn about life in the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan. Your first day of the Petra and Wadi Rum 2-Day Tour after crossing from Israel to Jordan at the Araba Crossing, you will visit Wadi Rum, enjoying a stay at a Bedouin Campsite and feast on an amazing meal and learn more about the culture of the Bedouin people. You will also explore the desert on a Jeep Safari tour at sunset. On the second day, you will explore Petra with a knowledgeable guide, as well as free time to explore.

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Timna Park and Desert Agriculture Tour

Not far from Eilat is Timna Park, a stunning desert reserve. A variety of Timna Tours take visitors through the horseshoe-shaped valley to Mount Timna. This same site is also famous for having one of the oldest copper mines in the world. You can learn about the history of this mine and its ties to Egyptian mythology.

Red Canyon Hike and Snorkeling Adventure Tour

Go off the beaten track in the Arava Desert region, just north of Eilat on the Red Canyon Hike and Snorkeling Adventure Tour. Visit the Red Canyon, arguably the region’s most spectacular hiking trail, an easy and fun hike. After participating in a crafting activity to create your own sand bottles, head back to Eilat’s famed coral reefs. You will be briefed by an expert divemaster and head out on a guided snorkeling adventure to see and the fascinating and colorful marine life in the Red Sea.

Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Dead Sea Tour

Jerusalem -10 Day Christian Holy Land Israel and Jordan Tour

It is easy to see three of Israel’s highlights in just one day. The Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Dead Sea Tour takes travelers from the lowest point on Earth to two biblical cities filled with religion and culture. Float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea. From there, you will tour the birthplace of Jesus in the town of Bethlehem. Your last stop is Jerusalem, where you will experience the highlights of the Old City of Jerusalem including the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the marketplace in the Muslim Quarter.

Evening in the Desert Tour

This experience lasts only a few hours but really helps people appreciate the desert that surrounds Eilat. The Evening in the Desert Tour centers around making dinner around a campfire with traditional Bedouin-style meal while your guide explains about the history of the people and animals that have lived in the desert for centuries. The tour concludes with a 30-minute desert hike to Amram’s Pillars.

Negev Desert Tour

The Negev Desert is a world-famous region, that attracts adventure lovers, and nature lovers from far and near. The Negev Desert Tour covers some of the most famous highlights of this region including the Ramon Crater, Mitzpe Ramon, Kibbutz Sde Boker, Avdat, the Small Crater, and more.

Dead Sea Relaxation Tour

Sometimes, it is best to relax. The Dead Sea Relaxation Tour is perfect for travelers who want to take it easy and de-stress with a full-day at the lowest point on Earth. The water and mud of the Dead Sea has been known to have healing qualities. Experience it for yourself. There is also an opportunity to book spa treatments at an additional cost.

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Masada and Dead Sea Tour:

These two sites are major highlights when visiting Israel. The Masada and Dead Sea Tour brings you to the desert fortress of Masada. At the top, you will get an amazing view of the mountains around you and the Dead Sea. The history of these ruins is very interesting. From Masada, you will descend to the Dead Sea. You will have the afternoon there to relax and float in the salty water.

Egypt Tours

Our Mount Sinai & Saint Catherine Tour offers travelers a really unique way to tour the ancient sites of Egypt. You’ll enjoy Sinai desert views and Bedouin food on this exclusive day tour.

Whether you have only 24 hours in Eilat or an entire week there, these tours allow visitors to get a better experience of everything that Israel has to offer.

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