Sites in Israel Featured During Eurovision in Tel Aviv 2019

For those who have been watching the live broadcast of Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel many stunning locations and sites across Israel have been featured. From north to south, Israel is a dynamic country with a diverse landscape showcasing the natural beauty found in this small, but beautiful country. Here are some of the sites in Israel featured during Eurovision in Tel Aviv 2019.


Situated in southern Israel, Eilat is both a resort town and a port city along the Red Sea. Eilat neighbors nearby Jordan and is famous for its pristine beaches and the aquatic life living among the coral reefs. In fact, some of the world’s best scuba diving and snorkeling can be found in these reefs, like the popular Dolphin Reef or the Coral Beach Nature Reserve. Beyond this, Eilat also has the stunning Eilat Mountains and breathtaking hikes through the Red Canyon or Timna Park.


Mikhmoret Beach

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Mikhmoret, which translates in Hebrew to “fishing net” is found near the city of Netanya, in the Hefer Valley Region. The Mikhmoret beach is found on the Mikhmoret Moshav, which also houses the Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. A beautiful, tranquil and quiet beach, Mikhmoret is undoubtedly one of the most stunning in all of Israel and rightfully included among the sites in Israel featured during Eurovision in Tel Aviv 2019. Read more about other beaches in Israel.

Ramat Gan Financial District

The city of Ramat Gan is located just east of Tel Aviv considered a part of the Tel Aviv district. Ramat Gan is known for housing many financial and high-tech offices as well as the Diamond Bursa exchange, the largest diamond exchange in the world. For those doing business travel in Israel, it is likely that time will be spent in Ramat Gan. Beyond this, families also enjoy visiting Ramat Gan for the Ramat Gan Safari.

Mishkenot Sha’ananim (Jerusalem)

The Mishkenot Sha’ananim neighborhood in Jerusalem is one of the first Jewish communities, dating back to 1859–1860, which was built outside the walls of the Old City. The historic neighborhood is situated and built directly on a hill across from Mount Zion. This iconic neighborhood is also known for hosting the International Writers Festival at Mishkenot Sha’ananim which is held annually in the area.

The Dead Sea

One of the most iconic destinations in Israel, the famous Dead Sea is known not only for being the lowest point on earth but for it’s healing properties. Visitors from around the globe come to visit the salty body of water to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime float and use the nutrient-rich mud known to cure skin ailments. The Dead Sea is situated between the Jordan Rift Valley, and its main water source is the Jordan River. The Dead Sea should be on any travelers bucket list while visiting Israel and definitely deserves to be one of the sites in Israel featured during Eurovision in Tel Aviv 2019. Check out our Dead Sea tours.

A woman floating in the salty water of the Dead Sea

Ruhama Badlands

The Ruhama Kibbutz is found in southern Israel in the Negev Desert, which dates back to 1911 as one of the first modern Jewish settlements. The surrounding Ruhama Badland, are situated west of the kibbutz and attract many visitors to the area. The area is also well known among cyclists who enjoy the paths, and is beautiful year-round in any season, showcasing the unique beauty of the region, especially seen in the “Nahal Shikma” (Sycamore River).


A stunning coastal town, Caesarea is best known for its historical ruins and the Caesarea National Park. Famous for the well-preserved Roman Amphitheatre and the Hippodrome, many tourists visit the area to admire the ruins. Caesarea is also home to Israel’s first golf course, which was established in 1961 and continues to operate today, attracting tourists and locals alike – not only during Eurovision in Tel Aviv. Check out our Caesarea, Haifa, Akko and Rosh Hanikra Tour departing from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

Beit Guvrin National Park

An important National Park that provides an insight into the Roman Era, Beit Guvrin is a meaningful archaeological site located in southern Israel around 60 km south of Jerusalem, and 13 km from Kiryat Gat. The park houses the ruins of Maresha which dates back to the first temple period. Beit Guvrin offers a fascinating glimpse into the past and an excellent family friendly destination, enjoyable for all ages, which is why it is one of the locations in Israel featured during Eurovision in Tel Aviv 2019.

Mitzpe Ramon

Situated along the edge of the Ramon Crater, in the southern Negev Desert, the town of Mitzpe Ramon was founded in 1951. Mitzpe Ramon overlooks the northern cliffs of the unique and enchanting Ramon Crater and is the best place to stay for those interested in exploring the Makhtesh. It is ideal for both hiking and biking and one of the best ways to admire both nature and wildlife. Mitzpe Ramon is also the perfect place from which to take a jeep tour of the Ramon Crater, or abseiling.


Rockefeller Archeological Museum (Jerusalem)

Once known as the Palestine Archaeological Museum, the Rockefeller Archeological Museum dates back to the 1920s and 1930s showcasing an extensive collection of artifacts and ruins from Mandatory Palestine. The museum is located in East Jerusalem and showcases a well-preserved look at history.

Ein Zivan – Cherry Blossom

Located in the northern Golan Region, Ein Zivan is a kibbutz that was founded in 1968. The area is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and welcomes tourists to the area, providing a resort town, including a chocolatier and winery in the community. The Ein Zivan resort area is near the Golan Trail, just a short distance from Mount Hermon, the Odem Forest, G’ilbon River, and the Zavitan River. Check out our Golan Heights Tour.


The neighboring city of Tel Aviv, the southernmost part of the city, Jaffa is the old port city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Jaffa has a long history and today is a vibrant community filled with alleyways, shops, markets, culinary delights, and well-preserved features. Jaffa is also famous for its oranges, and its connection to biblical stories such as Jonah and the Whale and Saint Peter, and houses St. Peter’s Church, a popular tourist destination. For any visitor to Tel Aviv during Eurovision and beyond, Jaffa is a must-visit city not to be missed. Travelers should be sure to check out the Jaffa Port and Shuk Hapishpishim.

Akko (Acre)

The historic port city found in the northwest region of Israel, Akko sits along the Mediterranean coast and has a lengthy past, shaped by the Romans, Ottomans, Crusaders, Mamelukes, Byzantines, and British. In fact, the port is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest ports in the world. Today, Akko is a thriving community and a stunning example of coexistence with a diverse and mixed population of Jews, Christians, and Muslims living together. Akko is also a culinary destination famous for the fresh seafood and some of the best hummus in all of Israel and makes for a great day trip from Tel Aviv during Eurovision.


Beit Shean National Park

The Archaeological National Park found in Beit Shean is one of the best places in Israel where tourists can see the history of Israel through the archaeological remains dating back to a variety of historical periods. Beit Shean is found in the northern district of Israel which due to its geographical location has played a vital role in history. Beit Shean is found between
the Jordan River Valley and the Jezreel Valley.

Van Leer Institute (Jerusalem)

The Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem is an interdisciplinary center for the study, discourse, and evaluation of society, philosophy, education, and culture. Situated in the Talbiya neighborhood of Jerusalem, the institute neighbors the home of the President of Israel. With the engagement of innovative research, the center has a deep commitment to the public and the greater collaborative community.

Ashalim – Solar Thermal Power Station

Found in the Negev Desert near Kibbutz Ashalim, the Solar Thermal Power Station is famously one of the tallest towers of its kind in the world. Measuring 260 meters high, the impressive center utilizes solar thermal energy, photovoltaic energy, and natural gas. The facility strives to push the economy of Israel by balancing the trade and release of foreign currencies, as well as reduce the need for foreign energy resources. Most importantly, the center focuses on environmental advancements, working to eliminate and reduce contamination levels.

Tel Aviv Beaches

Perhaps the most famous attraction of the “City that never sleeps”, the beaches in Tel Aviv are one of the biggest attractions for both tourists and locals alike. Made popular during Tel Aviv Eurovision housing the Eurovillage, the beaches are also notable during the well-known Pride Parade which takes place annually in June. From Alma Beach to the Hilton Beach, Tel Aviv offers a beach for everyone, including those that are ideal for dogs, families and even a religious segregated beach. Attracting surfers, swimmers and those eager to get the perfect golden tan, the beaches of Tel Aviv are some of the best in the world.

Tel Aviv Beaches

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