Luggage Storage in Eilat

When visiting Eilat, you may need to find reliable luggage storage for a number of reasons. Maybe you are passing through Eilat on your way to another destination and don’t want to drag your luggage around while you explore. Maybe you are going to Jordan for a few days and only want to bring an overnight bag on your tour. Or maybe you have checked out of your hotel and need a place to store your suitcase for the day before you leave the city. So what do you do with your luggage? Below are our suggestions for safe luggage storage in Eilat.

Store your luggage in Tel Aviv

Ramon Airport Luggage Storage

While the Ramon Airport in Eilat does not provide luggage storage services, there are self-storage luggage carts available at the entrance to the passenger terminal that are free of charge.

Avia Storage Solutions

Avia is Israel’s leading storage company, offering a variety of storage solutions throughout the country in different dimensions, enabling you to store your bags in the most convenient locations. Their storage comes with a high level of security, is organized and clean, and allows easy access whenever you need. Rates start at 28 shekels (approx $8 USD) per cubic meter, which is usually enough for most travelers. Consult their website for further information and contact details.

Store Luggage At Your Hotel

If you are planning to return to the same hotel, it is always worthwhile to inquire about what luggage storage options they offer. Many hotels offer their guests safe and often free luggage storage for short durations. Even if you were not staying there, hotels will often store your luggage for a small fee if you are in a pinch for a temporary solution while you explore Eilat.

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