Timna Park

Timna Park is located about 25 km (about 17 miles) north of Eilat in Israel’s Negev Desert. One of the largest attractions in the south of Israel the park sits in a beautifully majestic desert setting. It has amazing history and geology. There are also a number of unexpected activities including those on the lake (yes, a lake in the desert!). It covers about 15,000 acres in a horseshoe-shaped valley surrounded by steep cliffs, with Mount Timna, the world’s first ever copper mine, standing tall in the center. Daily tours to Timna Park are available from Eilat.

History of Timna

timna park

The ancient copper mines and mining shafts can be seen throughout the park. There are also remains of smelting furnaces dating back to ancient imperial Egypt. Copper was the first metal for creating work and household tools, weapons, costly ornaments and cultic objects. The importance of Timna in the ancient world was great. Multimedia displays tell the amazing history of the site, and visitors are engaged by dream-like stories of Egyptian goddesses and pharaohs.


Solomon’s Pillars are towering sandstone columns. Perfectly formed, in fact, so perfectly formed that you might not believe that they are the work of nature. But they, as with the rest of the amazing geology and landscape of this singular, are the work of nature alone. They’re the result of strips of volcanic magma freezing into the cliffs. This scenery truly is the thing dreams are made of.

Hiking and Activities at Timna Park

Snaking across Timna Park are hiking trails short and long, for all levels of experience. From these, visitors can witness the amazing works of nature and ancient man in the mines. It’s also home to amazing wildlife, plants and trees, which makes the desert their home, surviving in the harsh arid conditions. Within the park, rather uniquely for the desert, is a small lake. Pedal boats come with the ticket price. For kids, there are also activities such as sand bottling (the region has a unique colored sand), and other craft activities.

The site has a restaurant and campground.


Timna Park is around 18km north of Eilat, a 15 minute drive through the Arava Desert. Due to the size of the park, getting around inside by foot can take a long time. The site is easily accessible by car, the Timna Safari Shuttle, or on an organized tour.

The site is served by the Timna Safari Shuttle. This is available as a private tour, incorporating transportation to the site, and in safari style within it, stopping at the major points within the park.

All year round, the Timna Park Tour operates with a guided visit around the park.

Useful Information: Timna Park

Opening Hours

Saturday- Thursday:

8:00- 13:00

Summer and Holiday Evening Hours:
8:00- 13:00



Adults: 44.00 NIS
Children: 36.00 NIS

Prices may change. Please check the official website for up to date information.


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