Best Picnic Spots in Israel

Finding the best spots for a picnic in Israel might seem simple, especially because of the strong outdoor culture. But you don’t want to be going to the same places as everyone else. Whatever the season in Israel, there’s nothing better than listening to the birds by a stream with some delicious Israeli cuisine and a cold coffee. From parks and beaches to botanical gardens and forests, here are some of the best picnic spots in Israel.

Tel Aviv’s Gorgeous Parks & Gardens

yarkon park best picnic spot israel
HaYarkon Park, Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is home to many of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Israel for the perfect picnic. Yarkon Park, Meir Garden, and Charles Clore Garden are some of the best. 

Hayarkon – Tel Aviv

This park may be rather well-known. But with its vastness, you can most likely find a new spot to sit each time you go. The park comes alive with bike riders, dog walkers, and happy families walking around, filling the atmosphere with positivity. Throw down your blanket and listen to the birds whilst you enjoy your orange juice and take in the fresh air. Find one of Tel Aviv’s best markets to pick up some bits and pieces for your lunch!

Charles Clore – Tel Aviv 

On the beach front, there is a 30-acre garden ideal for a breezy brunch. If you want to be close to the sea but are not in the mood to get sandy toes, then this picnic spot is just what you need. Charles Clore is easy to get to, being just a few steps from the Salame light rail station. Stop by the Carmel Market to grab some fresh goodies on this Tel Aviv food tour before you start your picnic! See the panoramic views of Tel Aviv beach, hear the waves crashing on the rocks, and indulge in a delicious sandwich. 

Dizengoff Square – Tel Aviv

If you’re feeling like you would rather be in the city, next to a water fountain perhaps, then Dizengoff Square will do just right. In the heart of Tel Aviv near all the hustle and bustle lies this beautiful Square surrounded by coffee shops and bars. Grab a coffee and sit on the benches around the refreshing water fountain. Check out some delicious coffee places in Tel Aviv to accompany you! 

HaPisga Park – Jaffa

HaPisga Park is one of the best spots in Jaffa. It’s a great place for a picnic, with its large shady trees and grassy areas. There are also plenty of benches to sit on, so you can relax and enjoy your meal while admiring the stunning views of Tel Aviv from this hilltop park. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, several walking trails nearby lead through citrus groves and ancient ruins. The Saturday in Tel Aviv and Jaffa tour gives you flexibility for lunch in Jaffa. This makes it the perfect surrounding activity for a day in Jaffa and a picnic in HaPisga Park.

Jerusalem’s Perfect Picnic Spots

gan sacher park best picnic spot israel
Gan Sacher, Jerusalem

Jerusalem has three of the most beautiful picnic spots in Israel: Gan Sacher Park, and Wohl Rose Garden. 

Gan Sacher – Jerusalem

This popular park in Nachlaot has plenty of trees for shade, several walking paths, and lots of open space to set up your picnic blanket and enjoy the day. It’s also one of the most popular spots for locals during Shabbat in Jerusalem, the perfect day for your picnic.

Wohl Rose Garden – Jerusalem

Just a few minutes walk from Gan Sacher lies this stunning Rose Garden. It provides beautiful views of the Old City while still being close enough to experience it first-hand. If it sparks your interest, you can see more of the Old City on another day with the Best of Jerusalem Day Tour. Or you can couple your picnic with a tour like the Highlights of Jerusalem Morning Walking Tour. Both tours take you to the Old City, including the four quarters.

Haifa’s Lush Forests

carmel forest haifa israel
Carmel Forest, Haifa

Haifa is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Israel. But it also has some great green spaces that are wonderful for a picnic, like the Carmel Forest and Louie Promenade. 

The lush Carmel Forest has plenty of trails and breathtaking views – an excellent region to add to your Israel itinerary. There are many vantage points where you can sit down and enjoy the scenery while eating your lunch or dinner. The Louie Promenade is another great spot, located right on Haifa’s seafront. It was renovated recently and now offers more seating areas, playgrounds, and even an outdoor gym! You can come here during sunset to watch the beautiful colors reflected in the Mediterranean Sea while you eat.

To spend your day leading up to the sunset, try the Caesarea, Haifa and Akko Tour. You’ll see another nature oasis, Bahai Gardens, and historic sites from the Roman era. And you can stay comfortably overnight after sunset in a Haifa hotel.

Most Unique Nature Spots in Israel

biriya forest best picnic spot israel
Biriya Forest, Galilee

For those looking to really go off the beaten track and experience the true peace and tranquility of Israel’s peripheral regions, look no further. The North and the South of Israel are home to some of the country’s best nature spots for your magical picnic.

Biriya Forest – Upper Galilee

On the slopes descending from east Safed to Rosh Pina is the largest planted forest in the Galilee. Filled with scenic lookouts, trials to hike and benches rest, a picnic with a view is what you’ll find here. Learn about the history of the area and visit the Biriya Fortress in the center of the forest. Then take a perch on a bench covered by the pine trees and start on your meal, a great addition to your Israel itinerary.

Sapir ParkNegev

Wanted to truly understand life in the desert? Then this picnic spot in Israel might intrigue you. With a large lake and quiet corners in the middle of the barren desert, this Negev spot is a perfect picnic stop – whether as an experience on its own, or on the way down to Eilat

Ein Gedi – South of Israel

For a day full of water, adventure, and a first-hand glance at the southern wildlife, take a trip down to Ein Gedi on this convenient daily tour. With 9 different hiking trails and different levels for all the family, the beauty of this desert oasis will leave you speechless. Plus take the time to relax by the waterfalls and open up your picnic basket.

Plan Your Picnic And More With Tourist Israel!

sapir park best picnic spot israel
Sapir Park, Negev

Picnics are a great way to experience Israel’s natural beauty and ideal weather. Israel’s parks, gardens, and beaches are undoubtedly beautiful. And no matter what you’re looking for in a picnic spot, the best places in Israel have something for everyone. And the best way to make the most of your time there is with tours and advice from Tourist Israel.

We offer morning, half-day, or full-day tours throughout Israel. They’re the perfect complement to your picnic itinerary. We also have multi-day and package tours for those who want to make the most of their whole trip.

And if tours aren’t for you, we have plenty of guides to help you out. Our first-time visitor guide, hotel guide, and more will help you have an incredible time in Israel beyond your picnic.

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