Best Holy Land Tours

Planning the best tour of the Holy Land to ensure it is unique can seem like a lot of work. But we are here to show you how easy it is to make the most out of your extraordinary trip! Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime journey or you’re returning for another meaningful experience, your choice will be made easier with this guide. From the holiness of Jerusalem to the Palace of King Herod in the Dead Sea, and everything in between – let us help you explore the wonders and highlights of the Holy Land.

Best Holy Land Tours

Best Christian Holy Land Tours

Israel isn’t called the Holy Land for nothing. With 40 sacred places, it’s difficult to travel here without coming across a site that is holy for Christians. From Bethlehem and Jericho to the sites in the Galilee, you can follow Jesus’ legacy around the country. The must-sees in Jerusalem, such as Mount Zion and the Church of All Nations, are part of our Christian Package Tours down below. For travelers looking for affordable touring options, we offer group tours of Christian holy sites in Israel and Jordan in the following packages: three day, six day, seven day, eight day, nine day, ten day, and thirteen day Christian Holy Land Israel tours. The incredible itineraries are designed to bring you to all the most important pilgrimage sites in Israel. Our tours over ten days include an excursion to Jordan where you can see even more breathtaking biblical sites, most notably Mount Nebo, where Mosees first glimpsed the holy land.

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Best Holy Land Tours

Best Christian Holy Land Day Tours

So you’ve come to the Holy Land to venture to new places and need some guidance on where to travel? Or you’re at the end of your trip but feel like you haven’t discovered as much as you would have liked? Whatever the reason, we have a plethora of Christian themed day tours that will meet your every need. 

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Private Catholic Tours 

These special tours are great for families or groups, accompanied by expert tour guides. 

Private Protestant Tours

Tours to Jordan and Egypt 

If you find yourself wanting more than just Israel itself, then check out these trips to neighboring Jordan and Egypt. When it’s this easy to see the magic of the Middle East from the Holy Land, you can’t really say no. 

Best Israel Package Tours 

Ready to travel to the Holy Land but don’t have a lot of time to plan? How about letting us do all the work with our Package Tours, with everything you will need to tick off your Bucket List

  • 8 Days in Israel – Available everyday. Starts in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. Travel from North to South with the perfect amount of time at each location. 
  • 10 Day Ultimate Israel and Jordan Package – Available everyday. Starts in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. Allows you to see the incredible sights of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  
  • 8 Day Israel and Jordan Budget Tour – Available everyday. Starts in Tel Aviv. For when you want to take a trip but don’t want to splash out.
  • Classic 10 Day Israel Tour – Available everyday. Starts in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem. The perfect choice for a simple and easy vacation.
Best Jewish Holy Land Tours

Best Jewish Holy Land Tours

The Jewish people have major history in the Holy Land, and here are some Jewish Tour Packages to help you find your way around the most important places.

  • 3 Day Jewish Heritage Tour – Available weekly. An exploration of Jerusalem’s hidden neighborhoods, like Mea Shearim and Nachlaot, and the City of David.
  • 9 Day Israel Jewish Heritage Tour – Available every day. Starts in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, or Ben Gurion Airport.
  • 10 Day Bar Mitzvah Tour – Available everyday. Starts at Ben Gurion. If you have an upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we have a trip to make your celebration memorable. 
  • 13 Day Jewish Heritage Tour  – Available everyday. Starts in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Ben Gurion. This is for when you’re less in the mood for a party but rather want to uncover secrets kept in Yad Vashem, or visit the holy city of Tiberias. 
  • 11 Day Jewish Heritage Tour with an Adventure Twist –  Available everyday. Starts at Ben Gurion. Delve into the ancient history of the Holy Land!

As you can tell, you are definitely not short of options for your Holy Land Tour. Be sure to make the right decision for you, by weighing all the options we offer. Or create your own Private Tour, curated exactly for your needs!

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