What to do in Israel after Taglit Birthright

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So, you’ve decided to stay in Israel after Taglit Birthright because you don’t want it to end. Of course, we understand, who wants to leave Israel after only 10 days!? Obviously no one. You’ve made lifelong friends, incredible memories and now have tan lines that will last months. So why end it now? Here are some must-do’s to lengthen your stay in this magical country. 

Friends sitting outside, laughing, in Israel after Taglit Birthright

Stay together in Israel after Taglit Birthright

We get it, you don’t want to leave your friends so soon, but who said you had to continue your travels alone? Accommodation won’t be an issue for you and your gang, just choose from the Best Hostels in Israel. Sure, you’ve just finished Birthright, you’ve travelled the country and seen all there is to see. But have you really? You’ve climbed Masada. But we bet you haven’t done Masada Sunrise Yoga at the top with a group of close friends. You will feel the morning sun on your skin and stretch in front of the dreamiest view. 

 What about something only seen on TV? Grab some friends and come on the Fauda Experience: A Tour of Israel’s secrets, led by a former senior Israeli Intelligence agent. Visit filming locations and meet real life people who will make this intense show a reality. Find out jaw-dropping truths that will make everyone around you say, “I wish I was there!”

Party at night, where friends meet up in Israel after Taglit Birthright


You’ve most likely been to Tel Aviv before, right? But have you done a tour of the Street Art in Florentine? Felt the authenticity of the streets, understood the stories behind the art that you may walk past and not take notice of? Do the buildings of Tel Aviv interest you? Knowing how to recognize Bauhaus styles, connecting to the city’s culture? Our Urban Tour around Tel Aviv will provide you not only with this insight, but also with some yummy treats along the way. 

Oh, so the Tel Aviv nightlife is more your scene? With endless bars, restaurants and cafes, this city is nothing short of hubble and bubble. Discover one of the most beautiful parts of Tel Aviv  in the most decadent manner – a Jaffa wine tasting. Treat yourself to a well deserved evening whilst learning more and more about Tel Aviv’s captivating history. Or if you’re in the mood to completely wind down hop onto the Tel Aviv Bar Crawl, meeting locals, drinking free drinks and being treated like a VIP. There is nothing better than that, if you ask us! 

View of Jerusalem, a place visited in Israel on Taglit Birthright

A different side of Jerusalem

It wouldn’t be a Birthright trip without visiting Jerusalem, getting close to the Kotel and feeling the holiness of the city. But what about the other four quarters? The Knesset Rose Gardens? Temple Mount? All this and more is waiting in the country’s capital and on our Jerusalem Day Tour you won’t miss a thing. Or just follow our Jerusalem Bucket List and see Israel in a new light, going to places you might have never dreamed of visiting.    

Bethlehem, a place not visited in Israel on Taglit Birthright

What about Bethlehem and Jericho?

One place we’re sure you didn’t travel in Israel with Taglit Birthright is the West Bank. Want to see the birthplace of Christianity? The oldest and lowest city in the world? There are countless stories to hear and places to see and you can do it all on our Bethlehem, Jericho and Jordan River tour. Discover one of the holiest cities for Jews and Muslims alike, Hebron, or the surprising modernity of Ramallah. It’s up to you where you want to continue learning, so choose through our Best West Bank Tours.

Mountains and sand dunes by the sea

A trip down to Eilat

Travelling down south is almost impossible to skip whilst in the country. Whether it’s a few days at a hotel or a day trip, we offer many Eilat Activities that will keep you captivated. With our easy shuttle from Tel Aviv to Eilat, there’s no excuse not to go. From the rocks of Timna Park and the Red Canyon, not only are the scenes perfect for Instagram photos, the vision of endless desert is one to be treasured. 

Did you say Egypt?

Been looking longingly across the way to the continuous sand of Sinai? Worrying about how to get over that dream-land? Crossing over the Taba Border with us is a breeze and with our guide to visiting Cairo and Egypt from Israel you won’t have to think twice. Dig deep into the intriguing history of Mount Sinai and Cairo, the interesting narrative of the Suez Canal and more on our 2 Day Tour from Eilat. Trust us, everyone who left Israel straight after your Taglit Birthright trip will be regretting it with each post on your story! 


A visit to Petra and Jordan

Don’t forget how close we are to more mind blowing countries in the Middle East! We’re sure you’ve seen the majestic photographs of Jordan, including the Lost City of Petra, but how about actually being there. We are here to show you How to Visit Perta from Israel, our curated guide so you can see how simple it really is. If one of the Seven Wonders of the World doesn’t draw you in, then the pure beauty of the place will. With tours available everyday, in our hands there is nothing to worry about.  The moon-like landscapes of Wadi Rum and the pristine Jordan River just cannot be missed. Hop onto one of our 2 day Petra and Wadi Rum tours from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Eilat for an easy and unforgettable dive into the Middle East.

See our full range of tours to Petra from Israel here for more options.

Hotel pool, a nice place to relax in Israel after Taglit Birthright

Let me chill

Fancy just sitting and relaxing by the pool? Whether it’s one of the Negev Hotels or the Best Hotels in Northern Israel, you will find the perfect mix of luxury and nature. It isn’t that hard to find the Best Value Hotels in Tel Aviv if you are in Tel Aviv on a Budget. From boutique hotels to restored old castles, surrounded by greenery and serenity, you’ll be able to wind down and reminisce on the trip of a lifetime. 

Believe us when we say you’re never finished travelling around Israel. With some of the most beautiful sights, you’ll want to come back for more. To never run out of things to do, check out our Bucket List and continue to make long lasting memories!

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