Tel Aviv Street Art

Tel Aviv street art is captivating and covers the city with its charm.  Although you can admire graffiti wherever you roam, there are specific neighborhoods and pieces that shouldn’t be missed! Our guide to Tel Aviv street art will give you a head start. But if you want an in-depth cultural experience, a local guide is invaluable. Our Tel Aviv Street Art Tour is a fun and fascinating way to experience and learn more about this fascinating side to Tel Aviv culture.


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While you’re wandering around the hip neighborhood of Florentin, take the time to admire its vibrant street art.  Walk all the way down Frenkel Street to the corner of Abarbanel. Here you’ll find an old synagogue standing alone on the border of an industrial area.  But don’t be intimidated by the slightly dilapidated look, within the auto and carpentry workshops is some of the best Tel Aviv street art.  Walk down the right side of the synagogue to discover hidden treasures.

Jaffa Port

Take the scenic walk along the Tel Aviv beach promenade all the way south to the Jaffa Port. When you reach the port area, just past the guard house at the entrance, look up and to your right for some breathtaking murals on the side of the building.  Next, walk through to the other side where you can see another super-sized mural.  You’ll see a set of stairs behind the shopping complex to the right of the Na Laga’at theater. There are a several impressive pieces of street art lining the wall beside the stairs.

Rami Meiri Murals

Meiri’s larger-than-life murals dot the city, and you can find a list of thier locations on his website. Check out the corner of Ibn Gvirol and Arlozorov, as well as his mural at on the side of 17 Nachalat Binyamin.  His own residence is worth a visit – stop by 11 HaYarkon (at the corner of Nechemiah) to admire some of his best work.

Beit Ha’am

On Rothschild Boulevard, you’ll find a community center adorned with thought-provoking graffiti. Beit Ha’am (69 Rothschild) offers a variety of activities ranging from yoga to planning the revolution. Outside you can admire several captivating paintings. Their hours are unpredictable, but when open, you can venture inside and look at the artwork that covers the stairwells and rooms of this activist enclave.

Last notes

street art tel aviv

Graffiti is an impermanent art, so if you see something that moves you, take a picture! Don’t count on it being there the next day. Lastly, keep an eye out for themes and signatures. A great thing about graffiti is that when you recognize an artist and their work, you begin to feel as though they are traveling around the city with you. While slightly off-beat, touring Tel Aviv Street Art is one of the best things to do in Tel Aviv.

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