Visiting Jordan from Israel

Visiting Jordan is something that everyone should experience – its a country steeped in history and breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You’ll feel like you’re stepping back into time while simultaneously exploring another galaxy. Jordan has something for everyone! Whether you wish to backpack or experience the epitome of Middle Eastern luxury, Jordan has everything you desire and more. There are just as many options – suiting every travel style – when it comes to getting there! If you’re visiting Israel, Jordan is just a hop, skip, and a jump away! Visiting Jordan from Israel is easy and the destination is well worth the journey. Here are our tips on how to make this dream a reality!

Visiting Jordan from Israel

Visiting Jordan – where do you want to go?

When planning your trip to Jordan, the first thing to consider is: where do you want to visit? Many travelers head to the most popular attraction – Petra – and possibly Wadi Rum. But if you want to experience Jordan in-depth, and have 3-4 days, starting in the north and heading south is a must. Northern Jordan is home to the capital city of Amman and Jerash – boasting some of the world’s best-preserved Roman ruins.

You can also explore the mosaic city of Madaba, visit the Ma’in Hot-springs, and float in the Dead Sea. Then continue south to Petra and Wadi Rum. If you want to visit Jordan from Israel crossing through the north, you’ll do so via the northern Jordan River border. If you’re heading straight from Israel to Petra and Wadi Rum, you’ll cross with the most popular route: Eilat’s Wadi Arava border. Once you decide on your preferred route, getting there is easy!

Visiting Jordan On Your Own

Visiting Jordan independently is simple enough. There are daily public buses and shuttles from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to Eilat. From there, you can cross into Jordan via the Wadi Arava border. Most nationalities are eligible for a visa-on-arrival. This means that you pay the visa fee and border tax to authorities while crossing and obtain the visa. However, there are some restricted nationalities that are required to pre-arrange a visa. Read more about this here. From the Jordanian side of the border, you can take a taxi to Aqaba (15 minutes drive) and hop on a bus to Petra and other sites of interest. If you want to cross via the northern Jordan River border, read how to do so here.

Visiting Jordan With A Group Tour

Visiting Jordan with a group tour is arguably the most cost-effective way to make this journey. Many group tours include the entrance fees in the cost of the tour (approximately 70 USD) so keep this in mind when comparing costs! If you don’t have much time, a 1-day tour to Petra is an intensive but worthwhile way to experience this bucket list destination. If you have more than a day to spare, Wadi Rum is an absolute must! The lunar-like landscape will make you feel like you’re in another world, and camping out in the middle of the desert is something you’ll never forget.

There are daily departures to Petra and Wadi Rum starting from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Eilat then crossing via the Wadi Arava border. If you want to explore Jordan from north to south, there are options available several times a week to begin in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem then cross via the northern Jordan River border. When traveling with a group tour, most nationalities are eligible for a visa-on-arrival, which means that you will pay the visa and border fees while crossing and obtain the visa. However, some restricted nationalities are required to pre-arrange a visa, read more about this here.

Visiting Jordan With A Private Tour:

If you want a fully-customized experience without the hassle of arranging everything yourself – a private tour is your best option! When traveling as a family or group, private tours can surprisingly be more economical than a group tour! If you want to travel with the group shuttle to the border and begin your private tour from there the cost is even more affordable! Or book a fully-private tour and transfer for the ultimate convenience! You can either book a private tour inspired by the classic group tour itineraries or customize your route to wherever your imagination takes you!


When visiting Jordan, it’s important to remember that the hotel rankings might be different from your neck of the woods! Standard accommodations are just that – a place to rest your head at night! If you want an upgraded experience, it’s recommended to go big: 5 stars all the way, since 4-star hotels might not meet your upgrade expectations. An excellent alternative is camping in the Wadi Rum desert! Many camps feature standard “tents” with beds, electrical outlets, and swimming pools and the option to upgrade to an air-conditioned deluxe tent or martian dome tent for the ultimate desert experience.

Ultimate Israel & Jordan Packages

If you want to sit back, relax, and leave the logistics to the local experts – a package tour is the way to go! Simplify your Israel and Jordan adventures with one exhilarating package! You can choose from an 8 or 10-day budget package, the classic 8 and 10-day versions, or go full-luxe with a private package fully-customized to your desires!

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