What Clothes Should I Wear in Israel?

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Packing for any trip can be challenging – especially for first-time travelers. Packing for Israel is not as difficult as some might think! Given the relatively temperate weather year-round, packing for Israel can be easy no matter the season. If you’re asking yourself: “what clothes should I wear in Israel?”

In general, Israel is a progressive and relaxed country, and casual clothing is suitable for almost any setting. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and comfortable shoes are ideal for most situations. If you’re traveling in Israel on business, casual dress is common!

What to Wear in Israel – Visiting Religious Sites

What to wear in Israel

For those travelers who plan to visit religious sites such as churches, mosques, and the Western Wall, it is advisable to avoid short skirts, short shorts, and sleeveless shirts. Women cover their shoulders, knees, and chest when visiting these sites. If visiting Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth or other cities with religious attractions, it’s best to bring long, lightweight layers to cover up and adjust to comfort level. If visiting Jewish religious sites, men should cover their heads with a kippah. It’s usually indicated with a sign when men must cover their heads – most notably at the Western Wall.

What to Wear in Israel – Visiting in the Winter

Although Israel is known for its hot climate, the winter months can get surprisingly cold. This is due to the fact that most buildings do not have indoor heating, therefore it can sometimes be colder inside than outside! January is notably a colder month in Israel, and often with the most rainfall. Cities like Jerusalem occasionally will see snow, and in regions like Mount Hermon there can be great skiing conditions.

When traveling to Israel in the winter it’s best to pack in layers and bring a warm jacket that is water resistant. It’s also advisable to bring rain boots or shoes that can get wet, because when it rains – it pours. Check out things to do on a rainy day in Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv.

What to Wear in Israel – Visiting in the Summer

Clothes in Israel

Summer in Israel is one of the hottest seasons, both in temperature and energy. Tel Aviv is famous for its beaches, and in the summertime, there is no better place to be than the sea! When traveling in the summer, it’s best to pack breathable fabrics, hats, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and of course – a bathing suit. Also be sure to pack bug-spray (for the mosquitoes at night) and a water bottle for staying cool. Regardless of the hot temperatures, when visiting religious sites in the summer months it’s still important to dress modestly and cover up. Check out some of the best things to do in Israel in the summer and stay cool with the best frozen yogurt in Tel Aviv.

Packing For Israel – Save room in your suitcase

Israel is known for its art, culture and design, making it an ideal place to shop while traveling. From small, intimate boutiques to market vendors and large scale shops, there are plenty of clothes and items to fall in love with. Discover some of the best souvenirs to purchase in Israel. So when you ask yourself “What clothes should I wear in Israel?” – keep in mind, there are some great shopping options available if you forget anything!

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