Hidden Gems of Jerusalem Tour – Mea Shearim and Nachlaot

Hidden Gems of Jerusalem Tour – Mea Shearim and Nachlaot

Starts in: Tel Aviv & Jerusalem | Available: every Monday
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Our Hidden Gems of Jerusalem Walking Tour is a spectacular way to see the unique side of the Eternal City. Learn how much more Jerusalem has to offer by journeying through its lesser-known neighborhoods. Begin in Mea Shearim, home to the city’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish population. Walk through some of Jerusalem’s most insular streets past its many synagogues and Judaica stores, while respectfully observing the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) lifestyle. Continue to wander through Nachlaot, an eclectic area that combines architecture, whimsy, and charm. Tour through Davidka Square, its connecting alleyways, and learn of the historic stories that once took place here. As you enter the vibrant Machane Yehuda Market, your senses will come alive. There is so much to see, do, and taste at the countless vendors and eateries here. Sample the many flavors of Israel right in the heart of the holy city of Jerusalem.

This Hidden Gems of Jerusalem Walking Tour is perfect for those interested in discovering the City of Gold’s lesser-known neighborhoods like Mea Shearim and Nachlaot. Wander historic streets and visit the bustling Machane Yehuda Market to see and taste its many delights. Pick-up and drop-off are available every Monday from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Book this unique tour now!

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Hidden Gems of Jerusalem Tour – Mea Shearim and Nachlaot Highlights


Discover the less-conventional quaint neighborhoods of Jerusalem, like Mea Shearim and Nachlaot


Wander through the ultra-Orthodox Jewish streets of Mea Shearim and observe the Haredi lifestyle


Walk through the charming alleyways of Nachlaot and learn of its interesting past and hipster present


Taste the many delicious flavors of Machane Yehuda Market, one of Israel’s liveliest outdoor bazaars
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Hidden Gems of Jerusalem Tour – Mea Shearim and Nachlaot Itinerary

06:30 – Pick-up from Tel Aviv
07:45 – Pick-up from Jerusalem
08:45 – Tour of Mea Shearim neighborhood
  • Explore the Ultra Orthodox Jewish neighborhood and learn about the way of life of the Orthodox Jews in Israel
  • Walk through the narrow streets and see the neighborhood's many synagogues
  • Explore the special stores and experience the Haredi lifestyle
10:45 - Tour of Nachlaot
  • Head toward Nachlaot through Davidka Square
  • Listen to the history and stories behind the architecture of this neighborhood
12:45 - Explore the Machane Yehuda Market
  • Taste the different flavors in Machane Yehuda Market
14:30 - End of the tour
  • The tour ends at Machane Yehuda Market
  • Stay and continue exploring the market on your own
NB - all timings on Hidden Gems of Jerusalem Tour – Mea Shearim and Nachlaot are approximate
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Important Details

Transportation from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
Hand-picked expert guide
Food tasting in Machne Yehuda Market
Transportation back to Tel Aviv
Personal travel insurance
What to Bring
Hat & sunscreen
Walking shoes
Modest clothes
Essential Information
This tour includes several hours of walking, and there will be some stairs and uneven ground. If you have limited mobility, please get in touch with us about arranging an alternate touring option
Modest dress is obligatory for the visit to Mea Shearim. This means that men must wear full-length pants and cover their shoulders (no tank tops), and women must wear a loose long skirt, and a long-sleeved, high-necked top for the Mea Shearim portion of the tour - there will be an opportunity to change afterwards
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